The "B" Stands For Billboard As Cardi B Is Named Billboard's Woman Of The Year

Updated: Nov 19, 2020


Cardi B(ayola) has responded to the flood of people wondering how the hell did she get a "Woman of the Year" award for doing next to nothing lol. I read a comment where even a Cardi fan admitted people be "throwing her stuff."

I know Ole Girl is probably sick and tired of not being able to enjoy her fake accomplishments in peace LOL. Oh well, her career was created off an industry set out to not only ruin another artist but to humiliate that artist.

I want people to start really paying attention to Billboard or better yet...stop paying attention to them. I wrote a few weeks back about how they run multiple stories on Ole Girl a day, even when there is nothing new to report. You don't see similar media outlets like RS doing that. I need an investigation opened up on them...ASAP!

The "B" stands for Billboard...or "Bayola."

Billboard, who is known to act more like Cardi B's publicist than a music industry publication, has named Ole Girl as their "Woman of the Year." According to Billboard, she is receiving this "honor" due to the success of "WAP," her Reebok Collection, and her political activism. How low can the bar be set for one artist?

The 15th annual event will be virtual this year and hosted by Teyana Taylor.

Other women being honored this year are:

Jennifer Lopez - Icon Award

Dua Lipa - Powerhouse Award

Dolly Parton - Hitmaker Award

Chloe x Halle - Rising Star Award

Jessie Reyes - Impact Award

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