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The Breakfast Club Tries To Use The "Black Platform" Card On Megan Thee Stallion


Wait...The Breakfast Club is a Black media outlet???

Didn't this "Black platform" blacklist a Black woman and do a telethon to get a non-Black artist a #1 song??? I've never seen them push a Black artist the way they pushed this non-Black female rapper. Didn't they allegedly blackball the Black female artist from even coming on their show??? I mean in the words of Queen Nella, "I Know You Fck'n Lying."

See, I can't stand when platforms who have Blacks working on them, use the "Black platform" card because they're struggling for content, especially a platform that is known for being toxic. They are a radio station, so they have to play music. You doing. your job, should not come with extras. I can already see CTG trashing the album because he is salty.


Aaliyah Jay spoke nothing but the truth! (via TNHT)


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So, they're mad at her for steering her own career and not allowing them to paint a false narrative about her? The only thing people get from a Breakfast Club interview is mess and backlash. That show is the sewer of chaos.

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