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The Game Celebrates His Weight Loss Journey With Eye-Popping Photo

The Game post photo in underwear to celebrate weight loss.

"Quarantine had me 30 pounds over weight.... In the house eating whatever my kids ate like the outcome was gonna be smooth. Nope, shit went straight to my belly & face.... stomach was out ta here———> ask anyone that knows me lol... Shit had me out of my bag for a year plus. Soon as the world started to open back up, I made a decision to take back control of my body & get myself back to a place where my most fit & comfortable. After 56 days into my @60daysoffitness, I am healthier, lean again & getting ready to fuck the summer up !!! And this is only the beginning. Give me til my birthday to show you what you can really do on this program when you’re focused !!! Go to today & start your journey !!! I started mine early cause I knew the summer was coming... no “weird body niggas” over here lol..... now I’m ready to go on my 1st real vacation ever !!! HOT BOYS up 1-0 @thegoat 🐐"


I don't think many people are looking at this photo interested in his weight loss journey.


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Jun 01, 2021

As soon as I saw your headline I thought “He got his dick print out again 👀“ Weight loss/training is guys excuse to show off prints now lol

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