The Judge Says Tasha K Should Be "Ashamed" For Continuing To Beg The Court For More Time

Youtuber The Sweet Pea Diaries showed up virtually to Tasha K / Cardi B's court hearing today and got all the dirt. According to her, the judge said Tasha K and her lawyer should be "ashamed" for continuing to BEG the court for more time. The judge stated that if Tasha presents her "evidence," which includes a Pornhub video of a lady sticking a bottle up her pussy, to the jury; she will lose more profoundly and be more financially responsible than she is now. He is urging Tasha and Cardi to work out a deal.

Sweet Pea said that Tasha K's lawyer was stuttering throughout the hearing.

Well, Cardi has resorted to showing off her enhanced ass on IG after having it handed to her on Twitter by a rap page today. So, this news should boost her self-esteem by an inch.

I think at this point, the question is not if Tasha loses this case; it's when she loses; do y'all believe we will see an increase in lawsuits against blogs?

*Tasha K was not actually at the hearing

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