I am watching MSNBC and this sistah alluded to protesters burning down the Wendy's because they are sick and tired. Now, that would be a reasonable conclusion, so I don't blame her. But, the below video shows that a white chick started the Wendy's fire. I doubt she even cared about what the protest was about. We have got to spread this video so that the protesters are not blamed.


The now Ex-Officer Garret Rolfe, who killed Rayshard Brooks, has been fired.

On Friday, June 12th, Atlanta PD shows up to a Wendy's on University Ave. in reference to a complaint

about a man sleeping in his car blocking the drive-thru. Cops perform a sobriety test on Rayshard Brooks in which he fails. When they attempt to take him into custody, that is when a struggle starts. Brooks breaks free from the cops and starts to flee the area. Brooks is shot in the back three times. According to reports, Brooks was in possession of one of the cop's tasers and attempted to shoot at one of them as he was fleeing. Brooks died during surgery.

On Saturday, June 13th, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced the resignation of Atlanta Police Chief, Erika Shields, protesters block I-85 in Atlanta, and the Wendy's where Brooks was killed was set on fire.

Photos By Ben Gray

T.I., who has said he is against protesters destroying property in what he called "Wakanda," posted this on Instagram. T.I. is apparently "gathering facts and working on solutions." Does this make Atlanta feel better?

The question being asked:

  1. Did the cops need to be called to wake a guy up and have him move his car?

I have to add that when we come in contact with the police, our choice is either to die peacefully or fighting. It has been shown that we can comply with every order of a cop and still end up dead. There is always a heightened fear when dealing with the police, which puts everyone's life at risk. That burden falls all on the cops because of their history of incompetence and racist behavior.

This is also another case for #DefundThePolice


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