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Revisiting The Morning Tory Lanez Allegedly Shot Megan Thee Stallion In The Hollywood Hills

July 12th Tory Lanez shot Megan Thee Stallion in the Hollywood Hills



While DaBaby continues to lose bags over his Rolling Loud remarks about HIV/AIDS and men sucking dick in the parking lot, his use of Tory Lanez to gaslight Megan Thee Stallion doesn't seem to be garnering the same amount of outrage. There are several motives behind that, but the main reason is that violence

On July 12th, Tory Lanez shot Megan Thee Stallion in the Hollywood Hills

against Black women is as American as apple pie and often seen as entertainment (i.e., 50 Cent posting memes about the shooting).

However, once news broke that Tory Lanez may have violated the protective order against him by performing with DaBaby, it sparked a renewed interest in debating what really happened during the early morning of July 12th in the Hollywood Hills.

I was recently in a chat where this topic came up, and there was so much misinformation or opinions pushed as facts that I decided to address some of the points discussed in the chat here.



1- D.A. Keeps Pushing Back The Hearing Because They Have No Case/Why Are Things Taking So Long

Some seem to think this case is taking an unusual amount of time to get started. You are correct if you're basing your opinion on TV shows. However, this is a real case with real charges in the real world. Besides COVID, which delayed many cases, it appears Tory Lanez may have waived his right to a speedy trial which is his right to "receive a jury trial reasonably quickly after the beginning of a criminal case (usually 60 days)." - 1832PC. If the D.A. can't start their case within the time set, they must drop the charges.

People sympathetic to Tory want to paint this picture that the D.A. is not ready, so they keep pushing back the hearings. Well, the lack of a speedy trial request leaves me to believe that it's Tory's side who is delaying because no defendant in their right mind and paying Shawn Holley's hourly rate would help the D.A. by giving them time to prepare their case. Is Tory enjoying his newfound attention a Lil too much?

Tory Lanez Timeline Of Events.

To put things into perspective, Cardi B was charged in the bartender case back in 2019. She has yet to go to trial. The Tory situation has only been active for 10 months (starting from when he was charged.)


2- The Gag Order Is Stopping Tory From Telling What Really Happened

Tory Lanez had plenty of time to tell his side of the story, especially since Megan was not cooperating with the investigation in the beginning. Instead, he hid out in Orlando, dropped an album, did an IG Live where he kept getting cottonmouth, and then to top it off him and his team embarked on a smear campaign where they allegedly used fake email accounts and doctored text messages in an attempt to discredit Megan behind the scenes.

Music Journalist Expose How Tory Lanez Started A Smear Campaign Against Megan Thee Stallion.


A source close to the Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion situation alleges that Lanez's team sent several emails to media outlets this month, pretending to be a representative of 300 Entertainment -- Megan's record label -- to "campaign press" on his behalf - Billboard


The gag order is not to prevent Tory from telling his side of the story because he never intended to tell his side of the story—the gag order was to stop him from putting out misleading information about the evidence. Which leads me to discussion #3...


3- No Gunshot Residue Found On Tory Lanez


Tory Lanez and his lawyer, in a slick attempt to circumvent his gag order, purposely included misleading information in their request to amend the terms of the protective order against him. Their motion included this statement about gunshot residue, "This evidence — including gunshot residue implicating others — is mitigating." Of course, there was no need to have that in the court filings, but it was a sneaky way for Tory Lanez to leak information to the press without violating any order.


Mitigating: Causing you to judge a crime to be less serious or to make the punishment less severe


They knew those court docs would get out and that blogs would hyper-fixate on the part about "implicating others" without providing any context or understanding to their readers...if they possessed

that ability.

Tory Lanez Trial: Unmasking Deception: Exploring the misleading tactics and smear campaigns surrounding the evidence in the ongoing investigation.

So, what do the fools repeat with all their chest when talking about this incident... "there was no gunshot residue found on Tory Lanez!" That was not presented in the defense's motion, and I want to stress the word DEFENSE because some seem to think that the request to amend the P.O. was actual evidence. This was the defense giving their interpretation of the evidence, which is why there is a gag order. Shawn Holley is not going to put out anything that makes Tory look guilty, as she shouldn't. Tory hired her to create "muck" and she is muck'n it up. That is why Megan's attorney spoke out to un-muck shit and revealed that gunshot residue was found on Tory's hands.

When a person fires a gun, gunshot residue will be on the shooter and anything/anyone near the gun when it fired. So, I am not shocked that others had residue on them. I am sure we can guess who the "implicated" are. However, the real question is, WHERE on the Kelsey, Tory, and the bodyguard was gunshot residue located?

Debunking Myths: Unveiling the truth behind the alleged delay in the Tory Lanez case.

Hypothetically, let's say that gunshot residue was found on the bodyguard's chest area, Kelsey's shoulder or hair area, and as Megan's lawyer revealed Tory's trigger finger...Oops, I mean hands. That tells a different story than just saying gunshot residue is "implicating others," doesn't it?

All that will be presented at trial.



4- There Was Glass Found In Megan's Feet

Megan Thee Stallion bleeding after Tory Lanez shot her

I don't know who still believes that it was simply glass in Megan's feet besides this dumb nigga in the chat, LOL.

Let's recap, Megan initially told the cops that she had stepped on glass. After the doctor/nurses took X-rays, they alerted her that she had been shot and bullet fragments were embedded in the heels of her feet (consistent with Megan's claims she was walking away). Megan was trying to cover for Tory's punk ass, but too bad for him; the doctors can tell the difference between glass and bullets.

I don't get why people are still pushing this glass bullshit.


SIDENOTE: For all the people asking how does Meg know who shot her if her back was turned. Allegedly, there were 4-7 shots fired. I'm sure by the time he got to the third shot, Megan had turned around to see Puss N Boots firing at her. Also, there are rumors that he said, "Dance Bitch" before going wild wild west.


5- Why Would Megan Get Back Into The SUV After Being Shot...

If a nigga shows you that he is willing to shoot you as your back is turned, wouldn't you think twice before disobeying his orders? People get into vehicles all the time when threatened with violence. Just watch any true crime show. It's not like Megan had many options. She could barely walk, so running was out of the question. She was probably so scared of being shot again, that she just did what as she was ordered to do. I'm sure Kelsey helped coax her back into the vehicle.

Kelsey Nicole witness to Megan Thee Stallion shooting. Kelsey betrayed Megan.

The D.A. may have an option to add kidnapping charges, depending on Megan's reason for getting into the SUV. Is this why Kelsey is running around acting more like a defendant than a witness?


Speaking of Kelsey - I can't wait to find out her role in all this. That night she was obviously staying with Tory as Megan walked home alone with a phone that was about to die. She was right next to Tory as he was blasting on her "best friend." Did she even attempt to stop him or was she instigating🤔???? After the shooting incident, she was hanging in the comment section of blogs looking for attention; mad that Megan did not rush home from the hospital to give her a shoutout.

She also admitted that she tried calling Megan to talk, but Megan was ignoring her. If Megan did Kelsey so dirty, why is she calling Megan to make up?????


This was just the main topic I could remember from the chat. My fingers were going a mile a minute, LOL. Feel free to add, dispute, or bring up a new point.


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