Today Kyle, the owner of The Neighborhood Talk, went on Youtube Live to address the Cardi B drama. He did not really address specific issues point by point. He mainly spoke from the heart. He is tired of Cardi B threatening him and spreading lies about his brand. In the end, Kyle has decided to not post Cardi B anymore.

My two cents: Cardi B has allowed her payola rise to fame to get to her head. For her to truly believe she can dictate who posts her is audacious. Entertainment/Tea blogs report on the daily drama. She purposely makes a fool out of herself so that blogs will post her ass. Ole Girl was probably jealous that Megan Thee Stallion was killing the stage in Nigeria, and the only thing she killed over there was a toilet. She should be saying "thank you" to all the blogs who assist her with her reindeer games.

Just like I cannot tell Cardi B to clear Offsets love juice from her throat before rapping, she cannot tell bloggers how to run their pages. Cardi B doesn't run anything but her mouth.

What are y'all thoughts on this mess?

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