Nicki Minaj's third studio album, The PinkPrint, was released five years ago today. This album marked a shift in Nicki Minaj's look and sound. Gone were the wacky wigs and loud colors, black hair Nicki reigned supreme. The Pinkprint, co-executive produced by Nicki, was more rooted in traditional Hip-Hop/R&B/Pop. Fans got to see a more vulnerable Nicki Minaj, with tracks like "I Lied", "Crying Game", and "Pills N Potions."

The PinkPrint sold 244K in the first week and received a Grammy nomination for best rap album.

In Rolling Stone's review, they are quoted as saying, "This is a rap royal in full flex. We’re lucky to watch the throne.

But, what is most important is what do fans think of the album. Did this album age well? Where does it rank in her discography? Fave song off this album? Fave verse off this album?

My fave verse is from "The Crying Game":

"Saying that we had enough, but enough of what?

Another slap to the face, another uppercut

I'm just abusive by nature, not cuz I hate ya"

Every time I hear this verse, I'm like "damn, that's some real sh*t". How often do we hear a woman admitting to being abusive to her spouse? I can't think of a song. Women, in rap, don't usually speak of a relationship being mutually abusive. It's often just one-sided. I think a lot of Hip Hop girls missed how powerful this was for whatever reason. It's not her best flow by far, but lyrically it's one of the realest verses of the decade.


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