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The Reason Nicki Minaj Is The Susan Lucci Of Hip Hop...

Updated: May 9

Nicki Minaj Was Not Snubbed By The Grammys.

Yesterday was supposed to be about the Grammy nominations and, for me personally, celebrating the women who got recognized by the Recording Academy. However, with all the performative "outrage" after Nicki Minaj received zero nominations, I almost thought it was Oscar night.

People need to stop windmilling for "Super Freaky Girl" and admit that Nicki Minaj is not currently making Grammy-worthy music, and besides losing to Bon Iver for Best New Artist, her main Grammy problem has never been snubs; it's that she never made better rap music than JAY-Z, KANYE, or KENDRICK.

They are why she is the Susan Lucci of Hip Hop, not female rappers who came out in 2017 and later.

Below is Nicki Minaj's road to zero Grammys. Y'all, let me know if you see any blatant snubs.

Why Nicki Minaj Has Never Won A Grammy.


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