The Reason Tamika Mallory Won't Speak On Charlamagne's Past Sexual Assault Allegations

Tamika Mallory ignores Charlamagne's past rape history

Last week on The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne Tha God decided he wanted to push Joe Budden out of the news by doing some fck shit himself. While reporting on the Kwame Brown and Matt Barnes beef, CTG decided to “spill some tea” on Kwame Brown’s father to his millions of listeners.

In return, Kwame Brown decided to remind everyone of Charlamagne’s past allegations of drugging and raping minor, Jessica Reid, and the plea deal he took. That has snowballed into many outlets revisiting those allegations and how Charlamagne has kept his job.

I want people to pay attention to the Black women who turn a blind eye to Charlamagne’s disturbing past for the sake of doing business with him. One, in particular, is activist Tamika Mallory. Tamika released her


book, “State of Emergency” on Charlamagne's imprint Black Privilege Publishing.

Choke No Joke once asked Tamika Mallory about her support of Charlamagne and she told him she is not going to speak up on the issue because Charlamagne is her friend and brother. To justify her stance, she went grade school on Choke and said, “Choke, you cool with Cee-Lo right? Cee-Lo drugged and raped somebody, and he’s still your friend.” WTF???

So, is everyone allowed one alleged rapist as a friend...uh??? I can’t with these “Black Excellence” mofos.

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