A snapshot of these social media streets.

Saucy Santana had a very entertaining LIVE with CesarScissorHands. Yung Miami better watch out because Cesar and Santana are a funny duo.

So do you think Cesar FCK'D Santana in the bathroom? Inquiring minds want to know.

When Santana went to do something, Tommie hopped on with Cesar.

Tommie and Cesar talked about chicks with d*cks and how a woman can tell if her pussy is loose.

Ole Girl posted a snippet of some new music. Barz: "My haters follow me, so talk'n never bothered me / I'd made a couple of Ss to shop at the Dollar Tree."

Does she have a brand deal with Dollar Tree? Is she really giving out free promo?

She must not feel that confident about the track or the comments were bad, because she later started to distract people with political talk again. She general gets good feedback when she tries to talk about things over her head.

Do not come for Ming Lee. She was minding her business; doing some promo for Baby Phat when a hater crawled into her comments. Aoki Lee was right there to defend her sister. I know this clown feels like a fool.

Ming Lee looks so beautiful.

Bill Porter wearing a two-tone green dress with butterflies on his body at the Critics' Choice Awards. He is really doing more for men wearing dresses than Young Thug ever did.

You like the look?

Star Brim had her baby shower. All her close friends show up and enjoyed the music and dancing. Some of the people who showed up were Pop Smoke, LaLa, and Sky.


A brotha confronts the man who tried to rape him as a kid. The man does not try to deny it. It's videos like this that remind me why I can't join the

sympathy for R. Kelly club. This brotha may not have become a sexual predator, but because of what this man did to him as a kid, he has this hatred towards gay Black men. No telling how many men he may have taken his anger out on before finding this guy. He made a threat on camera and if anything happens to this perv, this brotha's life is over. For what????

You have no right to hurt others because something happened to you. It creates a vicious cycle. Lock these pervs up, no matter how long it takes to convict them.


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