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Thinking Out Loud: Hot97 Summer Jam, Bug-A(rmon)-Boo And Bia Filming New Video



Cardi B Headlines Summer Jam 2023. This Year The Concert Has Moved To A Smaller Venue And Fans Are Wondering If Cardi B Is The Problem? Is Cardi B Struggling To Keep Her Popularity In Female Rap?

This year Hot97 is bringing out the ladies for their annual Summer Jam concert, with Cardi B headlining and other female rappers Coi Leray, Lola Brooke, GloRilla, and Ice Spice performing.

But, what got people's tongues wagging is Hot97 moving this year's concert from their usual venue at the Metlife Stadium (capacity of 82,500) to the UBS Arena (capacity of 17,250).

That is over a 65K downgrade in capacity. So some are wondering what is going on. Is this an event problem or a headline problem because some are asking why Hot97 would pick a headliner who has not dropped an album in 5 years. She can only do that "Tomorrow 2" verse so many times.

What are y'all thoughts?




If you talk about female rappers and can't handle that, they may respond to you or block you; then you need to find something else to do. Armon has been acting like the gay Akademiks lately, and it needs to be addressed. The way he went and went and went at Latto all because she clocked him talking shit was ridiculous, but unfortunately not unexpected. These boys, obsessed with female rappers, often spill their feelings all over the internet when they get mad. I hope that stunt ruined any chance of him getting a bigger platform like on an Apple Music. Let him stay twerking on the fence between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj on YouTube.

Also, shoutout to Meghan Thee Reporter for playing chess while Armon played checkers.

Lastly, I heard that after the GUILTY verdict for Tory Lanez, Armon said something along the lines of, "Megan will be nothing but a hoe who fcks her friends and lies..." I will have to get the clip, but it was again a man crossing the line with a female rapper because he felt he could without consequences. Well, I want you ladies to make sure he remembers his words come June when he is trying to be all up in Megan's face during L.A. Pride.

Armon thinks he is a bully but is really a BUG-A(rmon)-BOO, and it's time to get out the fly swatters.




This is just information for BIA fans. Word on the curb is she will be filming a music video out in L.A. on Tuesday. So, if you think you see someone that looks like BIA, it probably is her. I do not know for what song.

BIA is shooting a music video out in L.A. on April 18th.


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Apr 15, 2023

Idk why Cardi is stalling lol like release your music and go. I feel like those that have great debuts won’t or shouldn’t struggle as much to sell their sophomore albums. So idk what’s her problem. they did say the label didn’t like what they heard so maybe that’s why 🤷🏽‍♀️

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