2010 saw some of Hip Hop's biggest rap stars release albums. Eminem continued his dominance, Kanye solidified himself as a musical genius, while Drake & Nicki started runs that probably will never be matched. Check out the first week sales of these rap giants below.

2010 Rap Albums w/ the Highest First Week Sales:

1. Eminem | Recovery | 741K

2. Kanye West | My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy | 496K*

3. Drake | Thank Me Later | 447K

4. Nicki Minaj | Pink Friday | 375K*

5. Lil Wayne | Rebirth |176K

6. Rick Ross | Teflon Don | 176K

7. Kid Cudi | Man On The Moon II | 169K

8. TI | No Mercy | 159K

9. Ludacris | Battle of the Sexes | 137K

10. Lil Wayne | I Am Not a Human Being | 125K

*Kanye and Nicki Minaj released on the same day and were both able to do huge numbers. Nicki Minaj appears on 6 out of the 10 albums listed.

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