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Another day, another TiaCorine story. TiaCorine is the rapper who accused Drake of nibble'n off her flow on "Popstar." For the most part, I think the media has been trying to ignore the allegation, but with shout outs from SZA and Rico Nasty, TiaCorine is gaining attention.

NME decided to do an emerging artist type story on her. In the story, readers learn that this North Carolina rapper was inspired to rap by Nicki Minaj. She said, "No one ever had swag quite like Nicki." At the end of the article is when it gets suspicious as to what was the real purpose of NME featuring TiaCorine. They talk about Drake stealing her flow, but frame it as a co-sign...WTF??? Charlamagne all up in her comments. I am beginning to wonder if Drake set this story up for her to keep her happy.

Whatever, she is being seen and she has skills, so that is what's important. So, she was inspired by Nicki, and Drake was inspired by her. GOT IT!


This is just another example of what I just wrote about with the media failing Megan Thee Stallion. These platforms are quick to help out Drake, but Megan has to defend herself while healing from gunshot wounds.


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They really tried to flip it around for to help Drake. No she didn’t say he co-signed her and they shouldn’t try to pass it of as such if she ain’t get paid or credit from him for it. He stole from her, that’s it.

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