TikTok Has A Cry Baby Dance Challenge For Those Without Titanium Knees

Yesterday, Megan Thee Stallion posted a photo of herself that many believe is from the upcoming "Cry Baby" music video with Da Baby AKA My Baby. Her caption read, "I make him cry bout the🐱"

The #CryBabyChallenge went crazy on TikTok once Megan Thee Stallion posted her low rock twerk with

the song playing in the background. Since then, other challenges have popped up, looking very similar.

The great thing about Megan's "Cry Baby" is that since people really fck with it, there is more than one viral challenge on TikTok. I will just call this the #CryBabyDanceChallenge. This challenge is more user friendly because you do not need titanium knees; you just need rhythm...or not, LOL.

I am giving credit for this dance to TikToker, Arri. Arii because she is the one I first saw doing it, and I watch her every day just to put a smile on my face.

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