WTF does this even mean?

This MALE Youtuber tweeted this and I guess it made sense in his head, but it probably should have stayed there. What does Ole Girl having no features have to do with Nicki Minaj' ability to chart higher???? Why would Ole Girl decide to have a feature or not based on where Nicki Minaj charts??? Unless what he meant to say was:

"Cardi needs to do a song with no features because Nicki Minaj is about to chart with a solo song. I really want to see Cardi do better than Nicki on a song without a feature."

I don't know what else he was trying to say because the Tweet makes no sense. This is the type of sh*t I am talking about with the male content creators. He just wanted to make a tweet with Ole Girl and Nicki's name in it and since they are not giving him content, he has to make it up.

Well, we know Ole Girl did involve herself in some drama but because it has nothing to do with Nicki, most of the men are not interested.

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