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Tory Lanez Accused Of Stealing Rapper Macntaj's Song


Yesterday, Tory Lanez dropped more music for his Umbrellas and tweeted, "I'm doing all this shit independent .... No Label , No manager or management , NO Co- Sign , I record myself if mike ain't around ... and I EDIT ALL MY OWN VIDEOS BY MYSELF ON ADOBE . .......luckily i got y'all UMBRELLAS .. and that's all i need - Loner" Anyone got a cookie?

Tory Lanez forgot to tweet he has "no originality" and "no problem stealing music, "...allegedly.

In an exclusive story by YouTuber Storm Monroe, rapper Macntaj alleges that Tory Lanez copied his song "Hood Burger" to create "Boink Boink." He also claims that Tory got his video concept from him too. Macntaj says he and Tory do know each other in passing.

I listened to both songs, and the beat patterns are very similar and flow is similar in some parts. Y'all listen for yourselves: Hood Burger vs. Boink Boink



We know that smaller artists are always alleging that more prominent artists stole their songs. Often, I feel like smaller artists think they own things that they simply don't and are not the first to do. But, when it comes to Tory Lanez, this seems to be an ongoing problem. He is building a reputation as someone who copies other artist's music and mimics their flows.

Below is a small sample of Tory Lanez being called out...

This is something I personally noticed and called out when I was blogging on Instagram. Tory took Kendrick Lamar's flow.

The reason some of y'all like Tory is because he is reselling other's people's shit. Remember he started out in that Atlantic writing machine. He knows the formula.


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23 déc. 2020

Tory have never really sparked my interest in listening to him. I knew who he was but I just didn't care to listen. After the first day of listening to "Daystar" I never looked back because he was repeating himself on different beats and melodies. Kehlani song Can I is one of favorites but I don't even remember his verse on there since she took him off.

He talking all that ish about independent blah blah blah like he's been that the whole time. You were on a label so people know who you are idiot.

I didn't know male rappers/singers have names for their fanbase.

🗣HA! GAYYYYY if you ask me 🤣. Whats Chris Brown fanbase the Brownies? What…

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