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DJ Akademiks And Tory Lanez Try To Muck Up The Truth And Use TikTok Defense In Shooting Charge


The problem with narcissists is that you cannot convince them to STFU. They truly believe they can convince you that as they piss your gumbo that it's all gravy.

So, we have two narcissists in DJ Akademiks and Tory Lanez, who believe that they can get a win in the court of public opinion by "muck'n" things up, and hopefully, that leads to a win in a real court.


Video from "The Undoing"




Last night, DJ Akademiks reposted Tory's cryptic tweets that appear to be related to his current criminal charges. It seems that Tory wants people to talk about the case, but of course, only if it's in his favor. Well, here comes Dj Akademiks.

Dj Akademiks Lies For tory lanez in Megan Thee Stallion Shooting

DJ Akademiks, in his caption, again, tries to push a narrative that Tory Lanez is being framed by saying, "Damn, they really tried to set up Tory, huh? Did it work." Since Tory obviously wants to talk about it, someone rightfully commented, "He needs to say if he shot or not, lol."

Tory Lanez then directs people to his flop album, Daystar, and tries to talk that "Black man" shit. It's laughable when he, Akademiks, or Joe Budden try to pull that card. But, what really had me rolling my eyes was when he says, "you'll get more than you need to know when court resumes."

That is a way to hush people from continuing a conversation he started. If he and his helper bees want

people to wait for court, then STFU. Tory has done multiple tweets that open the door to the conversation about him being charged with shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

You can't be tweeting all cocky about people "bussin u-turns" and then tell them to wait until court when people want a direct answer to a simple question. The only person who looked into the camera and described what happened that night was Megan. You can choose to believe or not believe her, but she told her story. With Tory and Kelsey, it's a game of Clue. Y'all know that is one of my fave games, but I ain't got no time with these two.

Also, having blogs speak for you is not waiting until court...


tikTok rolling stone


It's unclear what Tory's defense will be once his trial starts. His side is putting out multiple narratives:

  • Megan stepped on glass

  • Gun discharged during struggle between Tory and Kelsey

  • Megan shot herself

  • Roc Nation is framing Tory

  • Tory shot the ground...

All of these theories have excellent rebuttals, but I want to throw out a theory of my own regarding Tory Lanez's tactics.

Last night, I read a Rolling Stone article, TikTok Is Blowing Up Rap Verses Before They’re Even Songs. It was about how artists are putting out 15-second clips of unfinished songs. Only if the fans react to the snippet does the artist actually go and create a full song out of the 15-second chorus. It helps artists/labels not waste money.

Well, I feel like all of the narratives being thrown out by Tory Lanez's side is a similar concept. He has different blogs throwing out various theories, and the lie that seems to get the best reaction from the public is probably going to be used as part of his defense.

This is just my guess...



Does Tory Lanez ever leave women alone? He is in the club and zooms zooms, zooms in on some woman he claims is Keke Palmer and posted it to his IG Live. Not sure what point he was trying to prove besides his zoom works or that he is tired of hanging with bottom feeder Youtubers and wants celebrity friends, but he needs to stop. It may be the lighting but it doesn't look like Keke to me. Anyways leave women alone.

Tory Lanez is cracking from the isolation. He can't even enjoy his time out in the club without trying to find celebrities lol. Someone who craves attention and acceptance as he does, I know it has got to be tough just talking to Akademiks and people who are using him all day.


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Dec 06, 2020

He’s been subtweeting ever since Megan successfully released her album. Her success and his failure is eating him up. And I’m so tired of Dj akademiks. He was the same one that let us know that him and Tory were talking behind the scenes. He exposed himself and Tory. 🙄

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