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Tory Lanez Delays Trial Again, And Kelsey Harris Called As Witness For Prosecution

Tory Lanez Delays Trial Again Until December and Kelsey Nicole Shows Up to Court As Witness For Prosecution.


Yesterday, many were excited to finally see the start of Tory Lanez's trial for shooting Megan Thee Stallion; however, it ended up being the same shit, a different day. Daystar Peterson requested and was again granted another delay despite objection by prosecutors. The reason for this delay was Tory's attorney, Shawn Holley, was in the middle of arbitration and will represent actor Danny Masterson in his upcoming serial rape trial in October.

So, jury selection for Tory Lanez was pushed to Dec. 5th.

Kelsey Nicole In Court To Testify Against Tory Lanez.

But, it still was an eventful day cause guess who walked into the courtroom after Tory Lanez dipped out? None other than Kelsey Harris, who made her first appearance in court as a witness for the prosecution. But, due to the delay, was ordered back on Dec. 9th.

Now, I am not shocked that the prosecution called Kelsey; however, I am surprised they called her as their first witness. I thought they would want to ease into Kelsey. You know, establish a few things before her ass gets on the stand because she could act a damn fool.

Remember my Wack 100 video?

But, this strategy of her being the first witness does bring to mind two thoughts:

  1. They are going for the kill early, and Kelsey's testimony seals Tory's fate

  2. The prosecutors are aware that Kelsey may be compromised, so they want to discredit her early

This also shows how ready the prosecutors are. They were prepared to pick a jury and call their first witness today, while the defense relies on many delays until the witness forgets there was a shooting.

The only thing I don't like is that it gives time for people to talk to Kelsey and get into her head.


Sidenote: Y'all stop listening to people trying to start shit about people not testifying. Expect everyone to be called: Kelsey, Kylie, The Bodyguard, The Witness, Megan, the Doctors, Police, the Investigators, T Farris, etc.

The only person who probably won't testify is Tory Lanez cause most defense lawyers advise against it.


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Sep 15, 2022

I hate that we have to wait until December, but at least we have an idea on what’s to come before trial starts. I’m glad that it’s been confirmed that Kelsey is the prosecution first witness. She made sure to show up with her baby daddy/boyfriend lol. I do hope she does the right thing instead of trying to be difficult for no reason on the stand. With that text she sent to Megan’s bodyguard at the time being made public, she has no choice but to tell the truth.

Now onto the midget..his time is dwindling down. He tried to throw Kelsey under the bus and now she has no choice but to defend herself. He should’ve taken the…

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