Tory Lanez Doesn't Read The Room Again With His Latest Tweet And Twitter Drags Him

Tory Lanez, in a pitiful attempt to promote his "capsule," decided to let those Twitter fingers go to work last night. Puss In Boots tweeted, "All that for the gram, but couldn't take no dick."

Kelsey "Shrimp" Nicole and Tory must have worked on a schedule or something, lol. You go, I go.

Well, once blogs saw the tweet, their tails started wagging, pussys start popping because it gives them and

their viewers a reason to talk about Megan Thee Stallion and Tory again while pretending to be tired of the story.

Not everyone believes the tweet is about Megan. Some speculated it was about other women. Names were thrown out; no need to repeat.

At the end of the day, blogs/Youtubers don't care about the truth. It's about those views, and Megan's name brings all the boys and girls to the yard. So, as far as they are concerned, it's about Megan.

Which is what I think Tory wanted to happen. I think he wanted people to run with this in the wrong direction to get attention. It's funny because last night, I happen to stumble across a recording of what happened to his ass when he went to Clubhouse last month, and you would think he would chill the fck out with his antics. To watch a narcissist at work...SMH.

Courtesy of NoFraud Media

Well, we know Twitter had something to say about Tory Lanez's continuous show of clown shit...

I don't know if he is just extra cocky because he has bloggers rolling his blunts or he has just given up and going out in flames. This is no way to win over the people, especially Black women. But, I have to remember, he was never really that likable. People mistook him having luck with Quarantine Radio during the beginning of a pandemic as people liking him vs. people just wanting something to do.

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