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The Neighborhood Talk 2 got a real exclusive regarding Tory Lanez. He has not been deported and is spending time with his family in Florida. He was seen in a McDonald's speaking to a homeless man. According to a source close to Tory's camp:

"Obviously Tory has not been deported and is self-quarantining with his family. This is a perfect example of false information being spread regarding this case, his whereabouts and his character. He's in good spirits and looks forward to having the truth come to light about that night and wishes nothing but the best for Meg."

Um...I am beginning to wonder if they put out the deportation story lol. I wonder what false information is being spread when Megan had to come out to explain why she did not deserve to be shot and she is being bashed for not naming him. This was obviously a PR statement given to TNHT. It's very basic and something I guess to put out since they knew that video was going to be posted. The video doesn't show him looking his best.



I guess people are jumping the gun due to that petition or just trying to manifest that Tory Lanez has been deported. According to his close friend, DJ Akademiks, he is hiding out in Miami awaiting his court date.

I would hope that deportation does not happen until he goes through the full legal process here. Just being deported is no punishment when you have money.


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2020 is wild. Who would have thought all of this would have happened? I’m curious about what he meant regarding the truth coming out. And why haven’t his charges been updated? This deserves an episode on unsolved mysteries lol.

Gefällt mir

04. Aug. 2020

I happy to hear Tory hasn't been deported. He still has to answer for pumping my girl with bullets.

Gefällt mir
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