Tory Lanez Promotes New Music By Calling Out Spotify For Not Putting Him On Playlists

Tory Lanez is calling out Spotify and other platforms as a way to promote his new music. He feels he is being mistreated due to them not putting his latest project on their home pages and not giving him a spot on editorial playlist. He sounds just like Akademiks.

He wrote, "I just ask at this point...I get treated an independent artist and as a Black Business. I actively still make the platforms money with my music. So it should not be right for any platform to censor and silene me from the editorial playlist or home pages of these platforms that help to give eyeballs to young artists. I stayed coll for the last 2 projects, but this is just not fair."

I do not think it's accurate to call it censorship because his fans have to type in his name. If your fans are lazy, just say it. Playlisting is not a right, it's a privilege. He speaks like someone who has been spoiled most of his career and has forgotten that fact.

I would just like to throw something out. I have never believed being on the home page of a DSP, or their playlists happened out of the kindness of their hearts. These are deals worked out between these platforms and the labels. Playlisting is big business.

So, Tory Lanez, who wanted people to believe he was being set up because he is an independent artist who owns his masters, now wants to be GIVEN certain luxuries that he got through his old label. As the head of his own label, he should have someone, or he should be sitting with playlist's heads and see if something can be worked out. Being #1 on a genre chart does not mean you should be featured on a site that caters to ALL genres. Just like he worked to get those billboards up, he has to do the same with DSPs.

When other artists were being blackballed while having label deals, I don't remember him speaking up. I actually remember him trying to shade someone.

Oh well...

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