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Tory Lanez's Sentencing: A Reality Check for the 'He's Innocent' Choir

Tory Lanez's Sentencing: A Reality Check For The "He's Innocent" Choir


Now that Judge Herriford has denied Tory Lanez's motion for a new trial, the spotlight shifts to the crucial question: How much time will Tory Lanez serve? With the District Attorney, Alexander Bott, suggesting a minimum sentence of 9 years (including enhancements), speculation is all over the place. Some believe he will get the minimum or higher, while others think the judge will be very lenient and give him college years of 3-4 years. Below are the 3 key factors that I believe will influence the judge to sentence Tory Lanez to double-digits:

1- The Rejected Plea Deal: Tory Lanez proudly declined a rumored plea offer of 3-4 years. It's unlikely

Tory Lanez Tweets That He Was Offered A Plea Deal But Declined It Back in 2021 In Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Case.

that the court would hand out the same punishment for going to trial as for taking the deal. The implications of this decision are critical to understanding the potential consequences for Tory Lanez.

2- Megan Thee Stallion's Impact: Megan Thee Stallion's impact on the case cannot be underestimated. Her powerful testimony during the trial will be complemented by a victim's impact statement. The emotional weight and persuasive nature of her words will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the judge, influencing the severity of the sentence.

3- Lack of Remorse: Tory Lanez's blatant lack of remorse is a significant factor working against him. Once the trial started, it was never in question that Megan was shot, and the judge's acknowledgment of the "CAP" video as antagonistic stuck out to me. Also, in that video, Tory mocks the trial, showcasing his dismissive attitude toward the gravity of the situation. Such behavior might put the judge in a teachable mood.



Considering these factors, it's unlikely that Tory Lanez will escape with a lenient sentence of four years or less, as some of his supporters suggest. The rejected plea deal, Megan Thee Stallion's impact statement, and Tory's lack of remorse all point to a potentially more substantial sentence. As the judge contemplates the punishment, these elements will undoubtedly NOT play in Tory's favor for a light sentence.


What factors do you all think will play a role in the judge's decision?


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May 15, 2023

The violation of restraining order, house arrest & lack of remorse post conviction on instagram will also play a role in his sentencing imo.

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