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Tory Lanez Sentencing Delayed So New Lawyers Can Prep For New Trial Motion

Tory Lanez was in court today to swap out Mgdesyan and Holley for new team members, attorney David Kenner, best known for his work with the now infamous L.A. record label Death Row, and defense/appeals attorney Matthew Barhoma.

They will attempt to get a new trial for Lanez, which is an expected play. So that Tory's team has enough time to prep, the Judge moved Tory's sentencing from January 27th to February 28th.

According to Meghann Cuniff, Tory Lanez showed up in an orange jumpsuit with two huge cross necklaces and what I suspect was a Kufi. Boy, the laugh I let out when reading her tweet. I immediately started to think about Kareem Said from OZ. Niggas find GOD or Allah real quick when locked up, and we know that Kufi is to hide that minefield on his head.

Tory Lanez's lawyer, Kenner, complained about the media to the judge...LOL.


Tory Lanez's New Team

David Kenner

I was shocked when Tory Lanez hired David Kenner, who looks mortuary ready. Kenner may have been great for Snoop Dogg in the 90s, but we are in 2023, and we saw all the evidence against Tory Lanez. But, I think he was brought on to garner attention for this motion, which we saw over the weekend; that is what he will do on name alone.

Photos: Meghann Cuniff

Matthew Barhoma

I looked into Barhoma. He is very familiar with appeals and TV. He is a TV legal analyst who did follow the Tory Lanez trial. I expect this appeals process to be played out in the media just like the pre-trial and trial. Bully the courts into giving him another shot at innocence, and if that does not work, turn him into a Hip Hop martyr for Black men. This will also be another way to keep harassing Megan.



Now, before I start speculating, let's look at the legal ground for a new trial via

  • Jury Misconduct;

  • Prosecutorial misconduct;

  • Error of law by the court;

  • Ineffective assistance by attorney;

  • Insufficient evidence;

  • Newly discovered evidence;

  • Loss of trial records or transcripts.

These are the 7 reasons someone convicted of a crime can request a new trial, which must be done before sentencing, hence why Tory was in court today. It DOES NOT affect Tory Lanez's ability to appeal the verdict if he loses this motion. This motion will be argued in front of the same Judge over the trial.

I think the most likely arguments will be:

Error of Law By The Court - They may argue that Kelsey's 80-minute interview should not have been allowed. However, I don't know what they could say when Tory's lawyer opened the door for that audio to be heard in full.

Ineffective Assistance By Attorney - This brings me to Mgdesyan. His strategy, which had to be approved by Tory Lanez, was awful, but that does not rise to the level of "ineffective assistance." You cannot get do-overs because of bad strategy. Some lawyers said he did not object when he should have, and he is more of a PI than lawyer. But still, that was Tory Lanez's choice. Mgdesyan may even do a Kelsey and call himself incompetent to help Tory Lanez. But, I think he had a dud of a client and played to social media, not the jury. Can't punish the prosecution for that.

They could try jury misconduct, prosecutorial misconduct, and Insufficient evidence...

Also, they could simply try to convince the Judge to reduce Tory Lanez's charges, as I spoke about in my other post inquiring about this new court date. So, the conviction will not go away, but it's just lesser charges with lesser punishment. We do not want that!

What grounds do y'all think Tory Lanez's team will attempt, and where do you see any pros and cons with their attempt?

What Happens If Tory Lanez New Trial Request Is Denied.


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This new younger lawyer does give fan vibes. Oh brother. I smell more media campaigns coming.


They probably gone question kelseys interview and/or they gone try to say the prosecution swayed their eye


11 янв. 2023 г.

Tory continues to prove that he wants media personalities bringing attention to this case. David Kenner is literally accused of running Death Rows books and was put on house arrest for not filing his taxes at one point. And for him to not like the media, he sure did speak to Nancy and Meghan and tried to get Tory access to his social media to slander Megan.

Barhoma seems like a fan who runs NoJumper or SayCheese in his free time.

It doesn't seem like they're interested in claiming ineffective counsel. Which would be their best bet over blaming the prosecution on why he was found guilty. Judge ruled that Kelsey's interview was okay. good luck questioning the judges judgme…


Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
11 янв. 2023 г.

I am dead!!!

Oh and why would Tory's gag order need to be removed when he did not want to testify??? What can he say now from jail.

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