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Tory Lanez Still Promoting His Song With Da Baby

Spring: March 20th - June 20th


Tory Lanez continues to show what a Puss in Boots he is. He posted that music video he has with Da Baby...again. He claims it's dropping in the Spring. If he dropped that big bag to get the song cleared, then why the hell is he promoting a song with Da Baby in January that drops in the Spring? What is the rush?

You mean to tell me that he is not dropping anything else between now and March? Naw, he only cared about this song once Meg started talking about "Cry Baby."

Speaking of songs he can promote, what about that song with Quavo he was yapping about last year. Did he drop it or I just missed it?

Tory Lanez is trying to troll Megan and attach his name to other male rappers. He wants people to believe he has support within the industry. Which he may have considering how many abusers are within Hip Hop, but they don't want to be publicly linked to his ass. Remember he claimed that Drake was in his Quarantine Radio show...smh. He is trying to force rappers to publicly be his friend and all he is going to do is make them not fck with his ass behind the scenes.

Please proceed, Tory!


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Jan 21, 2021


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