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Tory Lanez Continues To Troll: "Why Lie When U Could Have Just Told The Truth"

Tory Lanez Trolls Megan Thee Stallion


Tory Lanez continues his trolling. It's clear he wants to use the shooting to keep people's attention. It's not Megan Thee Stallion using the shooting for buzz; it's this nigga. He needs to keep his rent-a-fans engaged, and since they only care about Megan...


Are they supportin' you or really just attackin' me? - Thot Shit


Tory Lanez's narcissism is what got him charged and will be why he gets locked up or deported. He just won't STFU. On one hand, he calls Meg a liar and, on the other hand, claims she can't identify the shooter cause her back was turned. Well, why doesn't he tell Meg who shot her, so she can go after the right person? Why keep it a secret? He either shot Megan or is protecting the shooter. There is no other scenario, just like with Kelsey. She is either allowing Tory to be falsely accused of a crime he did not commit, or she abandoned Megan after being shot. I don't want to hear about no snitching cause when Meg was trying not to snitch, she was bashed.



Tory Lanez Losing His Marbles

Let's reminisce on what Tory Lanez was doing after his arrest when he claimed he did not know what was happening on social media. Tory was out in Florida doing push-ups and acting crazy at McDonald's. He was not doing his IG show; instead, he was hiding out. But, he claims he did not know he was being accused of anything. If that were the case, why did Quarantine radio stop? Why were people searching for Waldo looking for his ass? Oh, I forgot he was following Roc Nation's orders, even though he has no business ties to them. What kinda of label owner is he?

It was only after the above video was posted that his team cleaned him up, and he got back on social media because people were saying how guilty he looked. So, he started "acting" innocent, if that is what you call it.

People always want to go with a juicy lie over the boring truth. The nigga shot Megan and instead of just making his copycat music and flop in silence, he wants to troll. Well, actions have consequences.


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Jun 23, 2021

Lol the moment his new song with Da Baby start falling down Apple Music he starts trolling again. I KNOW he‘s watching how awesome Thot Shit is performing. That’s the only reason why he even released that feature 3 days after Thot Shit dropped. Seething. And like I said, that Da Baby feature wasn’t worth it at all!

And the only reason why Tory and his fans continue to say Meg lied is because the bullets didn’t hit her directly judging by the wounds but it don’t matter because it’s still considered getting shot.

Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
Jun 24, 2021
Replying to

It was a pussy nigga with a pussy gun shooting pellets. You know people are dumb if they think that if someone shoots at you but "misses" that nothing will happen. That alone is attempted murder. They are lucky that Tory didn't get charged with that.

All I know is that Megan showed up to Kylie's house without shrapnel in her feet and by the end of they night had shrapnel being removed by doctors. The question is why and who?

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