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Travis Scott's Ex-Manager, Scott Morris, Says Travis Left Him For Dead And Used Bots To Fake Streams


Travis Scott's ex-manager, Scott Morris, slammed the king of rage after the Astroworld tragedy and exposed how he used streaming bots to help Travis appear more popular than he actually was to record labels.

"Travis Scott is the worst person I worked with in my entire career in music" is how Morris intros his TikTok video. Morris, whose name came up after people started exposing how terrible Travis Scott treats people, confirmed that he is the manager that Travis Scott left for dead. He said, "I'm the one who had a seizure, and I'm the one who he left for dead in a basement in Los Angeles." YIKES!

He continues to say that when Travis Scott sees people in harm or danger, he only thinks about himself. But, he was not done with Travis because he decided to expose the bots he created in 2009 to help Travis seem popular.

He said, "For Travis, what we did was fake his popularity. I programmed a fleet of Soundcloud bots to artificially inflate his play counts on Soundcloud. This told record label executives that he was much more popular than he actually was. We also did the same thing early on with Twitter. You may have noticed, and somebody made a joke about it, that his early followers could make an omelet because they all were eggs."

Are we really shocked?


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10 нояб. 2021 г.

Travis probably still using bots. we know French Montana recently got caught doing it so anything is possible today. The industry is really all smoke and mirrors

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