Updated: Jun 6, 2020


Trina just had an out of body experience. She is back in her Black body now. Is her cancel revoked?


Trina AKA "The saddest, baddest bitch" offers an apology for using "animals" when describing protesters. She says, "I am the Black people." Her tone sure did change from yesterday. Do y'all think it was a misunderstanding or 99Jamz was about to drop that ass?


Someone got a spanking...

Trina, Trina, Trina...Pfffttt. I really did not even want to post about this bullsh*t, but I can't act like I did not hear it.

Today, on the Trick N' Trina Radio Show, Trina allowed her true colors to shine through, and that's why we ain't fck'n with you. While talking about the protesters in Miami, Trina said, "Keep these animals off the streets that are running around Miami-Dade County, acting like they have escaped from a zoo. Lock them up at 5 P.M. so the streets can be nice and clean." Whew, Chile!

Talk about being disconnected from what's going on outside of "reality TV." While Trina wants the streets to be clean, I want the streets to stop being stained with our blood. Sorry, not sorry if Trina has to deal with empty water bottles and some paper while we fight for her Black ass. Oh, I forgot she is not even Black. I guess she is claiming "Afro-Latina." Don't get me started!

Even Trick Daddy asked Trina, "What the streets gotta do with the people's lives?" Trina's reply told on her ass, "WE'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT THE LIVES." That's the fck'n problem, Trina. A lot of what Trina was talking about was a lot of "I" and "Me" sh*t. She has a radio show, and instead of putting out useful information to help the people, she wants to call them "animals." Someone needs to let Trina know that most of the damage is being caused by outside agitators, including cops themselves. But, she is so busy trying to get back to living that faux "baddest bitch" life, she probably doesn't pay attention to what is actually going on. Trick even told her that, "it's always personal with you."

Ya'll remember when Trina was called the N-word in Wal-Mart? Was she acting like an "animal?" Asking for a friend...



*Radio Show Audio via @JillStrada

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