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The father, Liban Hersi, of the 5-year old boy who drowned at Carl Crawford's house, is suing for him for over 1M in a wrongful death lawsuit. I wonder if the babysitter will be sued too?

Carl Crawford sued for wrongful death of chld in his pool. Read court documents.



Carl Crawford has spoken out about the drowning that occurred at his house on May 16th. He knows he probably has a lawsuit coming and this reads like it. It's very sterile.

Carl Crawford releases statement about the two death that occurred in his pool at his Houston home.

Let's talk about something that is not so sterile. Storm Monroe reported on the drowning and alleging he has a source close to the boy's mother. According to Storm, there were two kids at this party/video shoot. When kid #1 went out to swim, the victim followed him out to the pool. While in the pool the victim had trouble treading water. So, kid #1 got out of the pool and ran for help from the babysitter. Now, Storm is reporting that Bethany was the babysitter, which I think if false info. So, Bethany came out to help the victim and that is when I guess the kid caused both of them to drown.

If this were true, still the question is why would Bethany be the only one to be out there to help??? Wouldn't at least Bethany and the babysitter be out there to help the victim? Did the adults not take it seriously enough and thought Bethany could handle it all by herself?




This isn't really an update on the drowning just something new.

I do not know what type of relationship was going on between Erica and Bethany. It seems

Bethany Lartigue's boyfriend wants to slap Lovely Ti for talking on her drowning.

they may have had an open relationship or were in a 3-way relationship. This guy who may have been the third person sent a message to LovelyTi. I do not know why he is mad. I watched her video and it was her usual Monday night quarterback type of commentary. She may have said something on her other social media accounts.

Also, he posted two messages addressing the blogs. One was similar to what Erica had said yesterday. The other is to Erica. He talks about there was never a moment he thought she should never be around and when there was drama all 3 of them left. So, it seems Bethan had a relationship with this guy first and then Erica was "added." I hope this ain't no love triangle mess and somehow a kid became a victim too. This guy was not at the party before y'all startup.

Bethany Lartigue's boyfriend publcly mourns after she drowns in Carl Crawford's pool.

They were dolphins. He is really messed up over Bethany's death. It seems she was really loved by so many people. Prayers!




The unidentified woman who drowned while attempting to save a little boy has been identified as

Erica Banks mourns the death of her girlfriend Bethany Lartigue who drowned in Carl Crawford's pool after trying to savea  toddler during a house party.

Bethany Lartigue. Lartigue was in a relationship with Erica Banks, who recently signed with 1501 Cert. Ent. Before I posted about this story last night, I saw Erica's post with Lartigue. I just did not realize the post was connected to this drowning incident. I already had questions, but now I have new questions about this tragedy.


1. It's a pool party and the only people around the pool are the two who drowned?

2. Where was Erica? I know couples don't have to be tied to the hip, but from her posts, I would think that if Bethany saw a child drowning, so would Erica. Remember it was a very small gathering. So, there wasn't a ton of people to socialize with. I would expect the group to be in close proximities to each other.

3. Why is Erica concerned with stats during her time of mourning??? Now, I could be making too much of this, I own that. 20-somethings probably just think of stats during every situation. But, I find it odd to want

to highlight the number of people sending you condolences.

Erica Banks mourns the death of her girlfriend Bethany Lartigue who drowned in Carl Crawford's pool after trying to savea  toddler during a house party.

4. Erica posted this message on her IG Story. She seems to be one of the few people who don't find it odd that not one but two people were allowed to drown at a pool party. She is concerned about blog comments, so we know how she is spending her time mourning. This part gets my "Criminal Minds" nerve twitching:

"We both know what happened, & Bethany knows where my heart is at."

Erica Banks mourns the death of her girlfriend Bethany Lartigue who drowned in Carl Crawford's pool after trying to savea  toddler during a house party.

Huh? When someone says things like "I know where my heart is at" or "I know my intentions," that is usually after someone doesn't some foul sh*t but doesn't want to apologize for it. She sounds like someone who knows something but isn't a "snitch." So, Erica just admitted she knows what happened. The other person who knows is dead.

I am not saying Erica was directly involved, but she may know more than what she is willing to share in order to make sense out of this tragedy.


On May 16th, Saturday afternoon, a woman and young boy drowned at the house of ex-MLB player / 1501 Cert. Ent. Owner Carl Crawford.

According to Fox 26 Houston News, Crawford threw a pool party at his Northwest Houston home. An unidentified woman brought a young boy with her to the party. At some point, the boy fell into the pool and started drowning. A woman jumped in to rescue the boy, and both ended up drowning.

Carl Crawford's father expressed his condolences to the family of the victims.

Video Courtesy of Fox 26 Houston


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J La
J La
19 mai 2020

Exactly! & For one, I believe there were a lot more than 6 people there. The news outlets all say something different. The one thing they keep saying is that the child was in Bethanys care, which he wasn’t according to her family. She has no relationship to him. My other thoughts were CC connections in Houston (😉) I think somebody Olivia Poped that whole situation. Hopefully her family will not let this get swept under the rug because anyone with a brain would be asking a lot more questions. And why was Bethanys alleged girlfriend promoting her music the next day. 🤔 she seemed fine to me in all those videos. I mean after seeing “the love of yo…


Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
19 mai 2020


How was she the ONLY one who noticed a child was drowning. I doubt she was the only one there who could swim. So, it was only Bethany and that boy in the pool area at a pool party????


J La
J La
19 mai 2020

My thing is wouldn’t she be yelling or screaming before and while going into to save him!? Nobody was around. was a pool party....Something is off with this it makes zero sense.

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