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Drake Speaking Out On Grammy Snubs Is How He Puts Himself In Great Position To Win A Grammy


Drake, AKA The Walking 48 Laws of Power, is using the current Grammy drama to help benefit his next album release and possibly a chance at another Grammy win at the upcoming award show.

Drake's next album, Certified Lover Boy, doesn't drop until Jan. 2021. However, he is doing a lengthy rollout that includes merch, him downplaying the album, reconciling with Nicki Minaj, and now he is showing compassion for those who feel the Grammys snubbed them.

Drake is shrewd. He probably does not feel confident about his music, considering the recent feedback,

but he understands that current music is about people liking the artists. People will listen with a sympathetic ear if they like you as a person. Drake makes sure he is always likable, even as his music declines in quality.

Considering the Grammys is voted on by his peers and industry insiders, it's good to do something that would put you in good light next year when he submits his music. Even though he is downplaying the Grammys and talks about starting something new, has he ever not submitted music? This is not the first time he has shaded the Recording Academy over his own perceived snubs, but he still gets nominations because he is still submitting music.

Back in 2019, I wrote about how artists should Blackball The Grammys. If artists are serious about change, they can't all line up to get the award every year. If the artists, or at least major ones, boycotted for like 2-3 years, they probably could make real change without having to start something brand new.

Artists like The Weeknd only want to speak out about the Recording Academy's corruption and need for transparency when they are not nominated. This is where Drake is brilliant. He is nominated but still speaking out. He looks better than his former foe does.

We will see how this helps Drake with album reviews, current Grammy noms, and potential Grammy nominations for Certified Lover Boy.


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