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RAP BATTLE: Mulatto Vs. Rico Nasty

🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙 RAP BATTLE ALERT 🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙


In today's battle, we have Mulatto vs. Rico Nasty!

Both dropped slow-down, chill features and showed you don't have spit rapid-fire bars to shine on a track. Big Latto comes through with that slow like molasses southern drawl flow on the Go Crazy remix, while Rico Nasty goes melodic on Jealous.

No matter what style you decide to rap in, lyrics still matter, how you ride the beat is still important, and overall consistency throughout your rhyme determines if you delivered. So, let me know who you got.

In my opinion, this is a very hard one. Good thing, I don't have to vote😜




Mulatto Lyrics:

I let him hit it once, he went brazy (Brr)

Fucked around and left his old lady (Haha)

Gucci and Prada me if you proud of me (Ah)

Give me brain like psychology (Ah)

Big 'Latto, he tryna hit the lottery (Lotto)

Wrist and my necklace (Ice), I don't chill, Netflix (Ice)

I ain't stuntin' with no other nigga 'cause he got the best dick

And I got that wet shit (Ooh), he know not to test this (Ah)

If I leave him, he'll be lookin' for me in his next bitch, uh

Throat baby, I go throat crazy (Mmh)

He put me in that Corvette, that's why these hoes hate me (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, yeah)

Fuck they opinion 'cause we grown (Uh)

Turn a one-night-stand into a happy home (Haha), on God


Rico Nasty's Lyrics:

I got her jealous, I can't help it, no, it's not my fault

You could do better, so do better, go and prove me wrong (Huh)

You out here politickin' with the ones that's out to get me

Bitches all in my face and you the one they friends still mention

Know that's your new girl, come and tell her, "Hold on"

Almost bought you a whip so we could get our roll on

I find it crazy, I thought of you as my roll dog

I showed you off and it turned you into a show-off

I'ma have to start without you, baby (I'ma have to start without you)

I'ma do what I want to, baby (I'ma do what I want to)

I won't be stuck without you, baby (I won't be stuck without you)

Goin' to the club with my crew, baby


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Feb 22, 2021

Big Latto for the win.

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