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Vanessa Bryant Calls Meek Mill's Kobe Bryant Verse Insensitive and Disrespectful


If it's not Meek Mill's Twitter fingers, it is his mouth getting him in trouble. As I reported a few days ago, Meek Mill had snippets of his controversial Kobe Bryant verse removed from blogs.

Well, tonight, Vanessa Bryant has spoken out on the drama. On Instagram, she @ his ass with a copy of his words and said, "Dear Meek Mill, I find this line to be extremely insensitive and disrespectful and added a City Girl "Period." She went on to tell him what many have told him before, "I am not familiar with any of your music...but I believe you can do better than this (if only she knew). If you are a fan, fine, there is a better way to show your admiration for my husband. This lacks respect and tact." 🫖

How much of an asshole do you have to be to get Vanessa Bryant to clapback at your ass publicly? How bad of a rapper do you have to be for this to be one of your most popular verses because it is so tacky?


Today was not Meek Mill's day. He also got exposed for sending 6ix9ine a cease and desist for bullying and wants to be removed from 69's music video.


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Feb 23, 2021

Im just surprise no celebrity called this man out for that line or are they scared of Jayz? These celebrities pick and choose and are starting to look like clowns. Where is the same outrage they had with Kodak who was flirting with LL? Meek is a fool and was very insensitive with that line. The woman lost her daughter and husband in that crash and a real friend should've told him that line wasn't it. Remy said in sheter that NM was kissing up to the carters etc.. Its plain and simple who really was the suck up here because Meek has been feeling himself a little too much since going under his daddy Jayz wing. Imagine dropping a…


He is going out sad😭 and yes i am sharing the shady posts!! He is such a clown! They are going to drop him, his brand is not selling anymore(He is literally a C-lister) and he keeps embarrassing the other clowns behind him! His personality is breathing the same air as The Carters and we know damn well that Jay-z is all about his business...even the snake is going to distance himself...he has a brand to protect(somebody needs to take notes)...good luck to him😶

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