Shallon Lester is back at it again. This time she has "tea" on the Rihanna and Hassan break-up. She says that Hassan wanted Rihanna to gain weight, so he could control her.


If this is true, this was a toxic relationship. Hassan did not force Rihanna to eat, but when you encourage or pressure someone to do something that you know will result in them losing confidence in themselves, that is a warning sign.

My thinking was that Rihanna's reluctance to drop music had to do with the change in the music culture. I felt she did not want to deal with the clown sh*t that is dominating the music industry. But, what if Hassan was also doing things to make Rihanna doubt herself? She would not be the first of the Holy Trinity to have a man try to break her.

This is interesting. Go watch the full video by Shallon HERE



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