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Why Did Lil Baby Really Perform At the Grammys and Watch Behind The Scenes of The Bigger Picture


While most of the Grammy conversation is how the women, especially Megan Thee Stallion and Beyonce, dominated the night. You know Hip Hop's newest "chosen one" Lil Baby is getting praised for his performance of "The Bigger Picture" on the award show.

While I did enjoy his performance, I did not enjoy it enough to just write about it without expressing my suspicions about why he was even there to perform. Remember, he was "snubbed," and P of QC was publicly upset over it. What convinced Lil Baby to do what even Beyonce wasn't willing to do?

I think this was a play for a Grammy in 2022. Lil Baby and P not only got over whatever issues they had with his nominations, but they also went all out for his performance. He gave a Megan Thee Stallion SNL-ish politically charged performance that included Tamika Mallory and Killer Mike.

This is the same guy who told GQ, "The more I'm seeing what's up with all that s**t, the more I'm like, 'Let me back up off politics.' I don't want to be no Malcolm X or Martin Luther [King].… I stuck my nose in it. I'm good on that."

So, why do this performance when it's obvious his politics is performative at best? I think it was for a nice headline going into whatever project he plans to drop. It also was to be in good favor with the Grammys because he did perform. As much as artists gripe about the Grammys, they still play the game, and they play the game well before the nominations are announced, at least the smart ones do.

We will see what happens in 2022.


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