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Watch Kayykilo's New Music Video "ICE"


Billion Dollar Ent. first lady, Kayykilo, dropped the official video for her single "ICE." The song is produced by DJ Chose.



New ice on the way and I'm already cold, gotta tell a nigga, "Bring me a heater" (I'm cold, uh-hun)

Make a ho eat her words like her name in a mace (Uh-huh) that wrong, I turn it when I beat her (Eat the cake, uh-hun)

Not a cap in my estilo from my flow to my swag (On God), I really ain't never been a teacher (Lil' bitch, uh-hun)

On my Instagram page tryna beef on the low (Oh, what?), sendin' shots, I don't do the trigger fingers (Fuck boy, uh-hun)


Let me know if you like the song.


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