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Watch Trailer To J Cole's "Apply Pressure: The Off-Season" Documentary


J. Cole is in full rollout mode. On Friday, he dropped a 1 min "Interlude," which went #1 on Apple Music, and tomorrow he will follow that up with a documentary "Apply Pressure: The Off-Season Documentary."

In the trailer, J Cole says, "A lot of your favorite rapper hit a crossroad. Are you Ok with get'n comfortable? Can you leave no stone unturned creatively? And when I thought about that feeling, I was like, Naw, I'm not cool with that."


Sidenote: I chuckled when I heard J Cole use the word "Crossroad" because I had written a piece talking about two rappers being a "crossroads" with their upcoming projects. One of these rapper's fans went off on me because they thought "crossroads" was negative. To this day, I don't understand how they were not familiar with that term, LOL. I am sure J Cole won't have the issue with his fans. Lucky him.


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