Watch Viral Video Of True Kitchen And Kocktails Owner Ranting At Female Customers About Twerking

Twitter is buzzing over a viral video of allegedly the owner of True Kitchen & Kocktails, Kevin Kelley, located in Dallas, ranting to his female customers about the twerking music he had a DJ playing in his restaurant. How you love twerk music, but not twerking???

He told his female customers, “All this twerking shit, don’t bring it here because we’re a restaurant,” the man says. “If you wanna do it, get the fuck out my restaurant. Don’t do it again. I don’t want to hear it if you don’t like it, get out because I don’t need your money.”

I hate how he tried to relate women twerking to not being respectable when he was playing twerk music in his restaurant. How is he respectable?

Welp...people are speculating that he just ruining his business...if this is the owner in the video.



At these prices, I'm twerking lol. Times are hard bruh!

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