What Are Your Thoughts On Tory Lanez's Preliminary Hearing?

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

UPDATED 12/15 AT 4:07 PM PST

Tory Lanez Lawyer Claims Bullet Fragments are missing from evidence.

TMuthafcknZ , who reveals their source as Tory Lanez's lawyer Shawn Holley, claims the bullet fragments are missing. Well, I am sure the hospital report still exist. Again, at least she is talking bullet fragments. We are not going back to glass unless they can produce the glass that cut her and get a doctor to testify to removing glass.

I knew they were getting their information for Holley, LOL. I would like to hear the exact question and answer but that is just me.


UPDATE 12/15 at 9:47 AM PST

What did I tell ya'll. Megan lets a lot of shit slide, but when it comes to this case, she does not play. Megan went to Twitter and called out those trying to reduce her getting shot to a simple catfight between friends. I am sure Kelsey and her have been at odds plenty of times and only when Tory is around does she end up shot.

Every story is not a joke.


UPDATED 12/15 at 8:43 AM PST

Every time another big publication does a better job at reporting on a hot story, here comes TMuthafcknZ with an "exclusive." This would be exclusive considering it looks like they are reporting what was told to them by one side.

TMuthafcknZ put out a convenient story that seems written straight from Tory Lanez's defense team, LOL. Now, y'all know I have been one of the few blogs who actually remembered that Megan never called the cops. A witness called about the shooting. Well, according to TMuthafcknZ, an unnamed detective testified that this witness saw Megan and Kelsey fighting before Megan was shot. Now, let's note that again, it is confirmed that Megan was shot. However, this witness says the gun's muzzle flash went off closer to Kelsey than Tory.

Kelsey claims she has a lawyer, she needs to have he/she speaking instead of being in these blog comments.

Now, my issue with this story is why did TMuthafcknZ withhold this part in their reporting yesterday? They did a very basic story on the hearing as if they did not have a source in the courtroom. But, today, they have a story, with unnamed detectives with details that were NOT reported by publications that were in the courtroom.

Now, I am not saying that Rolling Stone is to be trusted above everyone, but they did have a reporter in the courtroom, who broke down what was said from both sides. They named detectives and give great detail. Why would RS not mention this part about the independent witness? Why wouldn't the prosecutor then counter with their own questioning about this witness? I mean the whole hearing was to see if there was enough cause to go to trial.

Plus, there were other reporters and ONLY TMuthafcknZ, who did not state they were at the hearing, has this information. Let's not forget TMuthafcnZ recently reported on another case that seemed to be a planted story.

Rolling Stone reported that Holley is the one who was "pieced together an alternative narrative." She even asked the detective about her narrative and he responded, "I'm not aware of that."

This story seems like a way to get the "Dance, Bitch" headlines out of the way.



This story that Tory was trying to protect his "girl," is similar to the early reports leaked to the media that Tory was protecting Megan from a robbery. Remember Meg came out and cleared that up real quick. Just like Kelsey is with this new story. Tory has a hero complex?

If Kelsey was the shooter the whole time, then it's not Roc Nation framing him, it's Kelsey...right?


"Dance, Bitch" has gone viral since it was revealed that is the last words Megan Thee Stallion heard before Tory Lanez opened fire on her as she exited his black SUV in the Hollywood Hills on July 12th, 2020. However, that was not the only thing interesting revealed on Tuesday.

Shawn Holley's defense is something old, something borrowed, but definitely not new. She plans to use what the Tory blogs were putting out when this story first came out. She is giving the jurors someone else to consider and it's KELSEY!!! It was a love triangle gone wrong.

I have 3 quick thoughts on this defense:

  • Kelsey set herself up to be the pawn...but was this on purpose?

  • If Kelsey shot Megan, why say it now? I don't see Tory taking a charge for anyone, especially for someone who does not like his ass.

  • He had to give the jurors someone because the magical bullet theory would not work

  • It gives his blogs something to milk for at least two weeks

Ok, I have so much to say, but I am too tired to write out my thoughts, but I am interested in y'all overall thoughts from what happened today. Also, remember that Holley's job is to get Tory off, not necessarily be truthful in how she presents information.


I want to point out that an NDAs does not cover criminal activity. So, if she is talking about revealing what happened when Meg was shot, that is not a problem. If she just wants to start running her mouth out of spite on other stuff...then she may have issues.


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