So, I saw this Tweet about what derailed Keri Hilson's career. Now, we all know that it is widely believed that Keri Hilson's career took a sharp left after she supposedly dissed Queen Bey. Someone responded to the above Tweet, saying, "As an entertainment journalist, if you're insinuating the supposed Beyonce diss, you should know better..."

That comment got me wondering, what else could have been the cause of Keri Hilson's career derailment? I thought Keri Hilson's career started having problems after she pissed off the BeyHive. There were two notable incidents:

1. Juicy Magazine at the 2011 Soul Train Awards

Courtesy of Juicy Magazine

2. Lyrics to Turnin Me On Remix:

I ain't tryin to start some mess There's just somethin on my chest that I need to get off Cause you turnin me off Your vision cloudy if you think that you're the best You can dance she can sing but she need to move it to the... (don't do it em) She need to go have some babies She needs to sit down, she fake Them other chicks ain't even worth my time to talk about Been had dollars boy Go-on get your money up Know you're ain't the only homie on melined up I ain't turnin it off I'm stay turnin it on Go-on and tell these folks how long I been writing your songs I been puttin you on, just check the credits ho And if you want me you can find me in the Decatur ho Cause you're turnin me off

I read that Keri Hilson was upset over being replaced in Usher's "Love In This Club II" by Beyonce. That is why she possibly dissed Queen Bey in her remix. I have no idea if that is true, and I am not mad at the replacement. I love that song with Bey.

I do not believe Keri Hilson every admitted she had an issue with Bey, but she can't deny that not holding up the magazine was a bad look. She also never really denied diss'n Bey...soooo, probably not the best career move to make. The BeyHive never let her live down those two incidents.

Maybe the responder was trying to say, don't blame Bey for what her STANs do. However, it does seem that behind the scenes, things stopped happening for Keri Hilson. That is more than some STANs being upset at you. So, I am still lost as what that lady meant by "you should know better" when it comes to Keri and Beyonce.

Me OnLyrics

to Turnin Me On Remix:

What do y'all think was the real reason for Keri Hilson falling off? Was it Beyonce, the music wasn't good, bad business????

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