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Where’s the Album, Sis?

We are in the middle of a female rapper renaissance. There are so many girls rapping now, that some are even asking if there are too many female rappers.

So I must ask, “Where is the album, Sis?”. With all the hoopla surroundings female rappers, there aren’t many albums being released by these women. They release songs and “mixtapes” but not many actually release albums. Well let me clarify, they are releasing EPs / Albums but calling them mixtapes. Obviously, by calling a project a mixtape there is less expectations on quality of music & ranking on Billboard.



Why are these girls reluctant to drop albums? This isn’t like in the past where there was lots of planning. Now you can start a dance challenge, ask your rapper friends to post your album, add water, and stir 🥄🤷🏽‍♀️

Why do you feel these girls are hiding behind “mixtapes” or do you want your fave to wait for an album?

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