Who Killed Shanquella Robinson?

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The Murder of North Carolina's Shanquella Robinson Is Being Investigated as A Femicide Murder. Friends DaeJhanae Jackson, Khalil Cooke, Malik Dyer, Alysse Hyatt, Wenter Donovan, and Nazeer Wiggins Are Suspects In Her Killing.

WHO KILLED SHANQUELLA ROBINSON is what everybody wants to know after the 25-year-old businesswoman from Charlotte, North Carolina, ended up dead within 24 hours of checking into Cabo's Villa Linda 32, along with 6 other "friends."

According to multiple sources, on Oct. 28th, Shanquella Robinson flew down to San Jose del Cabo with

Cabo Villas Guest List With The Names Of Shanquella Robinson, Daejhanae Jackson, Khalil Cooke, Malik Dyer, Alysse Hyatt, Wenter Donovan, and Nazeer Wiggins. Shanquella Died Within 24 Hours Of Arrival In Mexico.
Cabo Villas Guest List

"friends" Daejhanae Jackson, Khalil Cooke, Malik Dyer, Alysee Hyatt, and Wenter Donovan with plans to celebrate the birthday of Nazeer Wiggins, who was flying in the following day.

That Friday night, Shanquella spoke to her mom, Shalamondra Robinson, and told her they had a chef and were getting ready to eat tacos or a salad. Ms. Robinson told Queen City News the group did not go out that first night in Mexico.

The next evening, Saturday, Oct. 29th, Shanquella's "friends" called Ms. Robinson and told her Shanquella had died of alcohol poisoning. However, as more details of that 24 hrs in Mexico leaks out, it's beginning to look more like a murder cover-up than a tragic accident.



Nazeer Wiggins Spoke On IG About Shanquella's Death And His Story Makes No Sense.

Death Certificate

Shanquella Robinson's death certificate stated the reason for death was "severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation." Anybody got a medical dictionary?

Severe spinal cord injury is self-explanatory; however, "atlas luxation" needs a deeper dive. So, I looked up the medical definitions of the words Atlas and Luxation:

ATLAS: In anatomy, the Atlas (C1) is the most superior (first) cervical vertebra of the spine and is located in the neck. It is named after Atlas of Greek mythology because, just as Atlas supported the globe, it supports the entire head.

LUXATION: dislocation of an anatomical part (such as a bone at a joint or the lens of the eye

So, my understanding of the death certificate is that Shanquella died because the Atlas bone that supported her head was dislocated. Which explains why "internal decapitation" would come up during my research.

That doesn't happen from alcohol poisoning.

Ms. Robinson says she was told Shanquella had a "broken neck, and her spine in the back was cracked." Which tracks with the definition.

Nowhere on the certificate is there mention of alcohol being her system, let alone being the cause of death. Furthermore, none of Shanquella's "friends" mentioned anything to her mother that would explain such severe physical injuries. Even when directly asked about an alleged fight, they ALL denied it.

It is crucial to note that the death certificate states Shanquella died approx. 15 min. after her injuries with a time of death of 1500 hrs (3:00 PM). She was found unconscious in the living room.


The death certificate is not the only evidence poking holes in "The Cabo 6's" accounts of how Shanquella died. Soon after the news spread about the suspicious death, a video of Daejhanae Jackson beating a naked and defenseless Shanquella Robinson went viral on social media.

Part of the video shows Daejhane repeatedly punching down on the back of Shanquella's head and neck while she does very little to protect herself.

During his attack, besides the person filming (Kahlil?), you can see another woman filming (Wenter or Alyssa) and another man watching (Malik?).

Rumored Video

Rumors of a second video showing Wenter Donovan grabbing Shanquella by the neck and body-slamming her are spreading on social media. Allegedly, Shanquella did not get back up after that attack; however, according to Nazeer Wiggins, who arrived at the villa after the attacks, Shanquella was still alive - Hmmm.

That video has yet to be released, so it could be a rumor put out to throw suspicion off Daejhanae.

Day Before The Attack

On 11/18, another video leak of Shanquella filming in the villa as she looks for her "friends," saying, "It's my friends for me, cause, y'all, it don't take that long to get naked."

Maybe the plan was to go skinny-dipping in the villa pool, which explains why Shanquella was naked the following morning when the attack happened.



Nazeer Wiggins Story Does Not Make Sense. Nazeer Ignored Bruises On Shanquella's Face.

Nazeer is why they wall went to Mexico to celebrate his birthday, and he was the one who hopped on IG Live to clear his name of any wrongdoing. Nazeer claims he arrived at the villa on Saturday, Oct. 29th, at approx. 3:26 PM. He was told Shanquella had alcohol poisoning when he called to get directions to the Villa Linda 32. According to Nazeer, the alcohol poisoning diagnosis came from a group friend, not on the Cabo trip. That is something to remember.

Nazeer Wiggins Flight Schedule To Los Cabos, Mexico Where Shanquella Robinson Was Murdered.

When he arrived at the villa, Nazeer said he went straight to Shanquella, who he found lying on the couch in the game room. He then claimed the others started talking about cooking, so he and Shanquella made it to the living room, where he proceeded to play soft music and rub her head while waiting for a nurse to arrive.

Nazeer then backtracks to talk about how when he first arrived, he was filming as he pulled up to the villa and was telling Shanquella to get up because they had so many things to do.

He describes Shanquella as being found "unresponsive" but not dead.

Nazeer then nonchalantly mentions how the nurse pointed out the knot on her head and that Shanquella had a bump on her lip and a busted blood vessel in the eye.


While I do not believe Nazeer had anything to do with the attack on Shanquella, I do believe he is covering up something, and his story is bullshit.

I feel like it was his birthday weekend, and he did not want anything ruining it, so he chose to believe the story told to him, despite what his eyes were seeing, which was a friend "unresponsive" on a couch with knots, bumps, busted blood vessels.

He knew damn well that was no alcohol poisoning, but Nazeer chose to be willfully ignorant so that his birthday weekend would not be ruined, IMO. Unfortunately, that ignorance will probably have him charged with the others unless he is the first to speak up to authorities and tell the truth and nothing but the truth.

Now, the bullshit part of his story is where he claims he found Shanquella in a game room (which I do not see on the resort page), and then they went to the living room where the group was preparing to cook.

First, in his own words, Shanquella was found unresponsive. If you can walk from one room to another, you are responsive. So which was it? Remember, he said the nurse was already called by the time he arrived at the villa, so that was a short time for her to become unresponsive to the point where the nurse could not save her.

Second, remember when I reviewed Shanquella's injuries? The Atlas, the bone that supports Shanquella's head to her neck, was dislocated, + a severe spinal cord injury. I believe she was dead or, at the minimum, paralyzed from the neck down by the time Nazeer arrived. There was no way; the maid found Shanquella in the bathroom; Shanquella then got up and walked to the game room, where Nazeer found her, then they both walked to the living room, where she was reportedly found dead.

Also, where is that video he was talking about? Did he take it down, and if so, why? Let us see how Shanquella looked when you arrived. He probably does not want that because it shows that he ignored the obvious, and there is no way Shanquella got from one room to another without being carried.

Willful ignorance is what turns an innocent person into an accomplice.



Villa Linda 32 is where Shanquella Robinson, Dajahnae Jackson, Khalil Cooke, Alysse Hyatt, Wenter Donovan, Malik Dyer, and Nazeer Wiggins stayed in Mexico.

Look at all that marble and hard edges. Look how spacious it is. We saw how long it took Shanquella to find her friends in that leaked video. So, are we to believe that a Shanquella with dislocated Atlas and spinal cord injury is walking room to room? Even if she was not paralyzed, I don't see it.

On Oct. 29th, at 12:00 PM, the group contacted the concierge for help, according to a rep for the villas.

On Oct. 29th at 6:15 PM, the SAG office in Baja, California, was contacted by a public security member who reported the death of Shanquella Robinson.



North Carolina FBI And Mexico Are Investigating The Suspicious Death Of Shanquella Robinson Who Died In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

On Nov. 17th, the State Attorney General's Office of Baja California Sur confirmed they have opened a femicide investigation into the death of Shanquella Robinson (Thank to Black Twitter). In Mexico, authorities are required to often launch investigations as femicide when a woman is killed in Mexico. The results of the investigation will determine if it stays categorized that way.

It has also been reported that the Mexican authorities said that "The Cabo 6" lied to them...Oops.

Along with the SAG of Baja California Sur, the FBI field office of North Carolina has also launched an investigation into this murder.



What Really Happened In Cabo When Shanquella Robinson Was Murdered While On Vacation?

1- Was the PRIVATE CHEF that cooked for "The Cabo 6" interviewed? It would be interesting to know how the group dynamic was that night. Were they fighting? Was Shanquella isolated?

2-The villa's rep said the group called at noon for help. However, the nurse showed up after Nazeer. Why?

3- What friend did the group call that advised Shanquella had alcohol poisoning? Is that friend still helping them or leaking information?

4- Did "The Cabo 6" return Shanquella's phone to her mother? That latest video leaked was from Shanquella. How did someone get it since it was not posted on her social media?

5- Why did Shanquella's parents have to call around Mexico to find her body? Why didn't the group know where she was being kept?

6 - When did "The Cabo 6" leave Mexico?

7 - Since the attack by DaeJhanae was in the morning, and the autopsy estimates the death to be around 2:45 PM, another attack must have occurred.

8- Some speculate this is over a man, but I just see jealousy probably over Shanquella's success.

9- With the bruises and the injuries, why wasn't this investigated as a murder right away?


Update: 11/21 at 8:42 AM PST

One of Shanquella's friends says Khalil lied to him. I would love to know exactly what Khalil told him.


Updated: 11/22 at 12:44 AM PST

The Charlotte Observer obtained excerpts from the Mexico police report, which lists a different time of death for Shanquella Robinson from the autopsy report and other interesting information. Pertinent parts of the article:

  • On October 29 at 2:13 PM, Dr. Karolina Beatriz Ornelas Gutiérrez was summoned to the Villa Linda and arrived approx an hour later.

  • Wenter Donovan is listed as the reporting party

  • The doctor was told Shanquella had drunk a lot of alcohol, and the call was to give her an IV.

  • Report states Shanquella had stable vital signs but was dehydrated, unable to communicate verbally, and appeared inebriated.

  • The doctor reported that she believed Robinson needed to be transferred to a hospital, but her friends insisted that she be treated in the villa. Dr. Gutiérrez attempted an IV but was unsuccessful.

  • Doctor was at villa for approx an hour when Shanquella began to have seizures.

  • At 4:20 PM, Wenter Donovan called for an ambulance

  • At 4:49 PM, the doctor and one of the "friends" start CPR.

  • At 5:25 PM, police arrived to talk to the doctor.

  • When the paramedics arrived, they "administered a total of 14 rounds of CPR, five doses of adrenaline, and six discharges (AED shocks) without success."

  • The doctor declares Shanquella dead at 5:57 PM of cardiopulmonary arrest.

Well, needless to say, the Mexican police messed which was evident when they allowed The Cabo 6 to leave despite the bruises on Shanquella's face, which allegedly were not noted on the police report. So, they will have to go back and try to make up for what should have been done from the beginning. The cops were there and had time to question The Cabo 6 separately and collect any evidence, etc.

Interestingly, the autopsy puts death at 3:00 PM, which is around the time Dr. Gutierrez arrived.

The Cabo 6 ignored the doctor's recommendation to transport Shanquella to the hospital. Was this because of the cost? Remember they claimed it took money for the ambulance to take Shanquella to the hospital even though Wenter eventually ended up calling for one, or were they afraid that the hospital would find out Shanquella's injuries before they had the chance to leave?

Cabo 6 Refused Medical Attention At Hospital For Shanquella Robinson.

The doctor should have used her expertise to override The Cabo 6's wishes. Why spend over 2 hours working on a patient who is not responding?

Guitierrez, like Nazeer, was so hellbent on believing what was told to her. That Shanquella was a drunk woman, it never crossed her mind that something was off and she was being lied to.

This is crazy, but it is helping with building a timeline.


Updated: 11/27 at 2:00PM PST

Youtuber, The Lead Attorney, interviewed investigative journalist Gerardo Zuniga with Metropoli about the Mexico investigation into Shanquella Robinson's murder --->FULL INTERVIEW.

Zuniga spoke about how he got involved in this case, his initial investigation, the aggravating circumstances that could add more time to anyone convicted, why they thought DaeJhanae was transgender (wig), and the court process that you can watch on the full interview. However, I will address a second video and the time of death discrepancy.


We have heard rumors about a second video showing Wenter Donovan bodyslamming Shanquella by the neck. However, according to Zuniga, the Mexican police have a second video, but it shows an unidentified woman coming into the room and trying to intervene in the attack. This unnamed woman even gets into with DaeJhanae, and you can see Shanquella convulsing on the ground.

Zuniga has not seen the video, but that is what the police described to him. Now, early on, there have been rumors that Alysse Hyatt leaked the video to show that she was innocent. It looks like Wenter was the girl filming next to the guys in that footage. So this unknown woman who tried to step in could be Alysse Hyatt. She better talk before DaeJhanae starts singing.


Zuniga did address how the protocol was not followed by allowing the Cabo 6 to leave instead of arresting them until things could be sorted out. He said a doctor told him the bruises on Shanquella's face were so noticeable that it would not even take a doctor to realize something had happened.

He did not rule out a cover-up by the doctor, police, and Red Cross.

Now, when it comes to the discrepancy in time of death, I leaned towards the autopsy report because it's a doctor just doing his job without any outside interference vs. a doctor who has 6 people over her shoulder influencing her decisions, including getting her not to take Shanquella to the hospital.

I can't get past a doctor allowing the Cabo 6 to make that decision even after seeing the bruises on Shanquella's face.

So, that police report is going to have to be scrutinized more.


Mexico did announce they are getting a warrant for one of the Cabo 6, but first, it has to go through the proper channels. So I am waiting for that warrant to be issued, and then I will update you.


This case is so disturbing, and until there is justice for Shanquella's death, we should not stop saying her name. There are still so many unanswered questions, but with this group, I have no doubt they will turn on each other, and I can't wait.

Please discuss and share your thoughts below.


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