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Who Killed Shanquella Robinson?

Updated: May 12

The Murder of North Carolina's Shanquella Robinson Is Being Investigated as A Femicide Murder. Friends DaeJhanae Jackson, Khalil Cooke, Malik Dyer, Alysse Hyatt, Wenter Donovan, and Nazeer Wiggins Are Suspects In Her Killing.

WHO KILLED SHANQUELLA ROBINSON is what everybody wants to know after the 25-year-old businesswoman from Charlotte, North Carolina, ended up dead within 24 hours of checking into Cabo's Villa Linda 32, along with 6 other "friends."

According to multiple sources, on Oct. 28th, Shanquella Robinson flew down to San Jose del Cabo with

Cabo Villas Guest List With The Names Of Shanquella Robinson, Daejhanae Jackson, Khalil Cooke, Malik Dyer, Alysse Hyatt, Wenter Donovan, and Nazeer Wiggins. Shanquella Died Within 24 Hours Of Arrival In Mexico.
Cabo Villas Guest List

"friends" Daejhanae Jackson, Khalil Cooke, Malik Dyer, Alysee Hyatt, and Wenter Donovan with plans to celebrate the birthday of Nazeer Wiggins, who was flying in the following day.

That Friday night, Shanquella spoke to her mom, Shalamondra Robinson, and told her they had a chef and were getting ready to eat tacos or a salad. Ms. Robinson told Queen City News the group did not go out that first night in Mexico.

The next evening, Saturday, Oct. 29th, Shanquella's "friends" called Ms. Robinson and told her Shanquella had died of alcohol poisoning. However, as more details of that 24 hrs in Mexico leaks out, it's beginning to look more like a murder cover-up than a tragic accident.



Nazeer Wiggins Spoke On IG About Shanquella's Death And His Story Makes No Sense.

Death Certificate

Shanquella Robinson's death certificate stated the reason for death was "severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation." Anybody got a medical dictionary?

Severe spinal cord injury is self-explanatory; however, "atlas luxation" needs a deeper dive. So, I looked up the medical definitions of the words Atlas and Luxation:

ATLAS: In anatomy, the Atlas (C1) is the most superior (first) cervical vertebra of the spine and is located in the neck. It is named after Atlas of Greek mythology because, just as Atlas supported the globe, it supports the entire head.

LUXATION: dislocation of an anatomical part (such as a bone at a joint or the lens of the eye

So, my understanding of the death certificate is that Shanquella died because the Atlas bone that supported her head was dislocated. Which explains why "internal decapitation" would come up during my research.

That doesn't happen from alcohol poisoning.

Ms. Robinson says she was told Shanquella had a "broken neck, and her spine in the back was cracked." Which tracks with the definition.

Nowhere on the certificate is there mention of alcohol being her system, let alone being the cause of death. Furthermore, none of Shanquella's "friends" mentioned anything to her mother that would explain such severe physical injuries. Even when directly asked about an alleged fight, they ALL denied it.

It is crucial to note that the death certificate states Shanquella died approx. 15 min. after her injuries with a time of death of 1500 hrs (3:00 PM). She was found unconscious in the living room.


The death certificate is not the only evidence poking holes in "The Cabo 6's" accounts of how Shanquella died. Soon after the news spread about the suspicious death, a video of Daejhanae Jackson beating a naked and defenseless Shanquella Robinson went viral on social media.

Part of the video shows Daejhane repeatedly punching down on the back of Shanquella's head and neck while she does very little to protect herself.