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Will DJ Akademiks Help Tory Lanez Prove He Is Not Leaking Evidence And Other Sh*t

Updated: May 9

Tory Lanez  Was Accused Of Leaking Discovery Evidence During Schedule Hearing On Thursday At Court In Los Angeles. Shawn Holley Claims Tory Refused To Accept Discovery And They Have Watermarks.




Yesterday, Tory Lanez got a rude awakening when he showed up for a simple scheduling hearing and learned that the D.A. was still investigating the discovery leaks in his felony assault case for shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

In April, when Tory Lanez was found guilty of violating multiple protective orders, the D.A. accused him of trying to "spin discovery" to impact a fair jury trial. So, if 2 months later the D.A. is still bringing up this issue, it appears they may be laying the groundwork for... (to be continued).



Shawn Holley countered these allegations by telling the court she is confident that the leaks did not come from her or Lanez's "watermarked" discovery and clearly wanted to get on record, again, that Tory refused to accept his copies of the discovery.

First of all, when Tory defended Akademiks, he claimed to be looking at the DNA results in question. So how did Tory have a discovery document he refused to accept?

Also, if Tory Lanez had no interest in getting access to discovery, why did Shawn Holley waste her time

Shawn Holley Wants To Quit Defending Tory Lanez Due To All The Lies He Is Telling And She Is Sick Of Black Twitter. Shawn Holley Claims She Is Not Leaking Evidence In Discovery.

arguing for it. Doesn't she speak with her client before pleading anything on his behalf?

Talking about Tory's short-lived refusal to accept discovery is theatrics. It seems Holley has learned a few things from the Kardashians. But, like with the GSR results, I do not believe Holley is giving us the full story. If Tory Lanez does not currently have access to discovery, why are there even documents with his watermark floating around? Wouldn't that provide another opportunity for Roc Nation to frame him?

Speaking of Roc Nation, the easiest way to shut down these allegations is to simply compare the document Tory was looking at to the one that Akademiks saw with his own eyes? Why wouldn't Akademiks want to help clear his friend, especially if he is getting information from Roc Nation🥴 That would mean Roc Nation is violating the protective order, not Tory.

But we all know damn well why that will not happen because, just like with this shooting, everything leads back to Tory Lanez.

Shawn Holley Claims She and Tory Lanez Are Turning Down Interview Request From Gayle King.

Holley then moved on to her favorite tactic of focusing on the victim, Megan Thee Stallion, and claimed she "upped the ante" by doing an interview with Gayle King because she reached an audience outside of "Black Twitter."

Holley, Holley, Holley...would it have been better if Megan had a beat playing behind her during the interview?

We all know that Tory Lanez is obsessed with referencing this case through his music and talking with podcasters like Wack 100, DJ Akademiks, and other bloggers. So, let's not play this game of only one side is talking.

Also, as Holley noted in the April 5th hearing, Tory is allowed to proclaim his innocence. He just cannot address discovery evidence or Megan. So he can do interviews, but after watching his IG "cotton mouth" Live, I can see why Holley probably advised him to stay the hell away from any direct questions.

So, turning down the opportunity to speak to Gayle King or any other media outlet is a choice that has nothing to do with a protective order. Just like it was Tory's choice to lawyer up immediately and never give a statement to the police. Just like it was a choice for him to suddenly quit Quarantine Radio and go into hiding until someone caught him looking disheveled at a Florida McDonald's. Just like it was a choice for him to start a smear campaign against Megan by sending out fake emails to the media. Just like it was a choice to cut up horse legs in a music video and think Black women would not take that as a threat.

These are all choices Tory Lanez freely made, but Holley wants to blame protective orders because it plays well with his supporters.


So, turning back to the groundwork, I believe the D.A. is laying down. Thanks to the leaking of information and false reporting on this case by not only Akademiks but people who can easily be linked back to Tory Lanez, I believe the D.A. is already setting the groundwork to request the jury be SEQUESTERED!