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Adam No Jumper interviewed songwriter/artist Wolftyla. Wolftyla wrote the hook to "Simon Says," off Megan Thee Stallion's "Fever" mixtape. There should be no questions as to why Adam had on her on his show. He wanted her to bash Megan Thee Stallion so that he could contribute to the hate train.


"I think she had 100%, she had all the right to naturally act like that with the things that were being said to her" - WolfTyla on Megan Thee Stallion


Wolftyla had other plans. She wasn't going to play Adam's "pick me" bitch so he could get clicks. She confirmed what I was telling ya'll when this mess occurred. Megan never met the girl and was not told the truth by Juicy J. Watch the video below courtesy of No Jumper.

This was so refreshing. Wolftyla had the intellect to realize that Juice J caused this problem by not communicating truthfully with Megan. She did not let her ego or pride get in the way of common sense. These are the type of women we need to support.

Now, I am not familiar with this girl. So hopefully she doesn't have a past of slandering Black girls on Twitter.


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