Yandy Harris-Smith is "Relieved" She Does Not Manage Cardi B and Thinks Bardi Should Do Broadway

Page Six reported that Yandy Smith-Harris of Love and Hip Hop New York said she is "relieved" she does not have Mrs. Bodak Yellow AKA Cardi B on her client roster.

No, Yandy was not being shady. Her not wanting to manage Cardi B has everything to do with her being a mother and putting that first in her life. She couldn't handle having to go on tour with an artist at this stage of her career. I don't know if Yandy has heard, but Cardi doesn't do tours...I-Oops.

Yandy said that if she were managing Ole Girl, she would put her on Broadway. She said, "You know what she'd be great in? 'Little Shop of Horrors." Well, Cardi B has been giving us "Little Rap of Horrors," so why not. Let me stop...bwhahahahaahaha.

Do y'all see Bardi on Broadway? She can play the Venus flytrap...

People really diss'n actors when they think because someone is good at being goofy on social media that they can then do movies or Broadway. People actually go to school for acting. It is a skill. I know not everyone needs formal training to act, but it is a skill.

That "acting" on LHH does not count.

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