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Bootleg Kev, a Clown Sh*t Award winner, is again asking guests about Nicki Minaj. This time he asked if YG would ever have Nicki Minaj on a song again after she collab'd with 6ix9ine. YG sheepishly nods his head, "No." He then says, "I don't know. My feelings are hurt. I'm a real street n*gga."



While everyone is running around trying to stir the pot over his no collab comment. I'm focused on YG, saying, "My feelings are hurt." When he said that I immediately thought, "This is not street sh*t, this is personal sh*t." I feel like YG's feelings have been hurt since 2018.

In 2018, I spoke on this potential rift between YG and Nicki Minaj. What was going on in 2018? That was the year that 6ix9ine was going around disrespecting the West Coast and going to war with YG and The Game. 6ix9ine even clowned YG about "Big Bank," saying, "Sukk my dick. You had 2 Chainz, Big Sean, and Nicki on your single, and it still couldn't pass me." Nicki Minaj did defend the song by reminding 6ix9ine that "Big Bank" went gold before "FeFe." But, the trolling of YG continued.

I posted Nicki needs to make sure that she and YG are cool behind the scenes because it's not worth ruining years of friendship over this clown. I felt like YG had mad love for Nicki because she did him a solid favor. The loyalty built off that favor is something 6ix9ine would never duplicate, especially with Chipmunk in his ear.

Instead of just let'n FeFe top the charts and moving on, Nicki Minaj continued on her "Bad Guy," crusade by rewarding 6ix9ine with a front-row seat at New York Fashion Week's opening ceremony. Anyone who followed me back then knows I did not support this nonsense.

YG started publicly showing love on questionable post made by Ole Girl, which I took as him lashing out. It was just all a mess that could have been avoided...IMO. Anyways, to wrap this up, I don't think YG is mad over a 6ix9ine collab, just hurt over Nicki Minaj treating their relationship like "business."


As for the no collab statement, Nicki Minaj doesn't need YG. Y'all know I am over Nicki and these collabs with male rappers not named Kendrick. So, if this is the only way to stop her from doing be it.


I reserve the right to be wrong.


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Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith
Jul 15, 2020

But what I don't understand is his beef is really wit tekashi take it up wit him Nicki shouldn't have to get into men beef it doesn't involved her she's not the one dissing him it was tekashi and if he felt a way he should have reached out to her privately and it could have been resolved I feel like these rappers putting all of these type of standards that Nicki should follow but when the male rappers do what Nicki do its okay for them cuz they men but for black women they can't collab wit whomever they wanna work wit or be more successful and better than them


Jul 11, 2020

I really want Nicki to end this relationship with 69.Fine 69 was loyal to Nicki during the hate train but with chipmunks whispering in 69 ears....Nahhhh.I feel there is more to this collab behind closed door.69 is under universal president son's label .Both the son,irving,scooter braun,Jeff are all in the same in the circle.@fck_yaya check out the latest interview 69 did with Ak.....Reminds me of the article you wrote about 69 turning on Nicki. He was abit salty when Ak told him he got the No1 cos of Nicki.Nicki need to distance herself fast


YG has a right to feel how he feels, However if he had a "relationship" with Nicki he could have called her to express his disappointment. He could have told the interviewer "that's my sis but I'm a little tight with her." But no he made a bold statement and words have power. These words will come back on him. To your point, it may be personal but I think it was more about buzz for his new song. Especially since he has been mute about her prior to this interview.


I didn't get that people were blaming YG. I don't blame him. I just think that maybe the reason why she might have been drawn to collab and be seen with 6ix9ine is because he publicly stood up for her when no one really did. In doing so it might have complicated her relationship with YG and others, but sometimes we don't do the calculus in the moment. His feelings are "hurt" now and hers were "hurt" then--not by him in particular but the whole situation. Also, I think Nicki's framing of the recent collab as "business" sounds consistent with the the theory that she was asked to do it as a favor to the president of Universal which means…


In 2018 only a few people had Nicki Minaj back , 69 was one of them🤷🏾‍♀️ I think it’s more of loyalty than anything. Yg can feel how he wants but he can’t be a Blood one minute and turn around and do a song with a Crip in Blueface🥴Yg problem is with 69 , keep that same energy you had with while he was in jail and leave Nicki out of it‼️

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