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Yung Baby Tate Wants Fans To Know That It Was Hard Work Not Nepotism That Got Her Where She Is


Yung Baby Tate wants people to know that even though she is grateful for the natural talents she inherited from her parents, her success has nothing to do with nepotism.

Yung Baby Tate's father is singer-songwriter David Ryan Harris and Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter/producer Dionne Farris. Farris was part of the 90's group Arrested Development before finding solo success with "I Know" and fck'n "Hopeless" AKA "Penny with a Hole In It" from the Love Jone's soundtrack. I quote that all the time!

Well, I did not know that Farris was Yung Baby Tate's mama. I can see why she would not want to speak on it much, consider her career choice. I guess some people are trying got imply she had it easy after finding out this news.'s obvious that Yung Baby Tate is talented.


Dionne Farris - Hopeless


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