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Yung Miami Goes Off On DJ Akademiks After He Called Her Diddy's Side Chick

Ever since Diddy announced the birth of his 7th child, Love Sean Combs, via Twitter, people have had much to say about Yung Miami. On one side, you have those (men) who want her to be the stereotypical heartbroken girlfriend that we often see in Hip Hop that has to choose between crying in a Phantom or a Nissan. While on the other side, people are celebrating a female rapper living her raps.

"Real ass bitch, give a fck bout a nigga..."

While Yung Miami has been silent while people project onto her, it seems one person has worked her last nerve, and to no surprise, that is DJ Akademiks. We all know when it comes to his commentary on female rappers, it's through a lens of a man who whined about not getting the pretty girls, usually light skin, in college. A man who SZA had to block because of his disrespectful commentary on her looks the day before she was supposed to be on Everyday Struggle.

So, Yung Miami did what has been long overdue when she checked his chipmunk ass for all to see.

All men in the media do is report shady stories on women in the industry.


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