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Zachary Campbell Claims Doja Cat Cancelled Their Interview After He Called Need To Know Video Boring


Youtuber Zachary Campbell accuses Doja Cat of being a Lil sensitive after giving a less than glowing review of her "Need To Know" music video.

In his latest Youtube upload, Zachary revealed to his viewers, "I got the "Need To Know" video, and when I said there needs to be more choreo and that I'm bored. I think that offended some people over in the Doja Cat camp or Doja herself." He claims this is why his interview with Doja Cat was cancelled, and he was not invited to her album release party...YIKES!

To add some context to this story, Zachary "spilling tea" was how he started off his review of Planet Her. He obviously felt some type of way about the cancelled interview and lost party invite because that story did not connect to the album review. It was like a two-for-one video, LOL.

Hell hath no fury like a Youtuber scorned.


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