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The story of female rap is too often told through the male voice; whether it's through the numerous tea-spilling pages, Youtube channels, or podcasts, there seems to always be a man with neverending opinions on what the girls are doing. Constantly trying to pit female rappers against each other or spreading rumors and lies for clicks and views.


Fck Yaya is a Hip Hop blog reporting on female rap from a woman's point of view. For women, by a woman. 


This is a space for women to share their perspectives on the genre. This is a platform for women to be heard. I believe that women should always have the loudest voices in the room when it comes to female rap. And it starts here.


Female Rap Renaissance II

For years, the term "female rapper" was used as a put-down, like a slur, suggesting that women were inferior to their male counterparts and thus of lesser value to the Hip Hop culture. But as Lauryn Hill once wisely rapped, "Funny how money change the situation," and now female rappers are the straw that stirs the drink. Far from being used as props in songs,  female rappers are breathing new life into the rap music scene, dominating conversations within the culture and making a lot of people money while doing it. 

Today, being a woman in Hip Hop is the hottest thing, and the influence of female rappers is undeniable. Their impact is so profound that even Pop stars seek to be labeled as "female rappers," highlighting the empowerment and allure that comes with the title.

While male rappers are preoccupied with excessive autotune, court cases, and the continuation of misogyny that has been baked into the culture, the girls are flourishing. They are performing, securing brand deals, and, most importantly, RAPPING!

We find ourselves in the middle of a second female rap renaissance, and hopefully, this time, it will not be followed by a drought. No matter where this era of female rap leads, I am dedicated to documenting it all.




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