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After Reading The Transcripts From Tory Lanez's Preliminary Hearing, I Still Think He Is Guilty

I usually read books but instead, I read the transcripts from Tory Lanez's preliminary hearing in Dec. I wasn't going to make a post on it since these transcripts have been run into the ground, but I was taking notes as I was reading and decided I would make my notes into a post.

My takeaway from reading these and April's transcripts is that Holley is not as good of a lawyer as I thought or she really just doesn't have a defense. Instead, she wants to attack Megan, the victim, instead of the evidence. I do not think that will play well to the jury.

Also, if Kelsey is the shooter, then she needs to make more of a compelling case for that than some vague

love triangle that she also has failed to establish fully. I guess she could do that later, but this was the time to get the case dismissed. If there was strong evidence showing Tory could not be the shooter, she would have presented it.

It's interesting that Tory Lanez immediately lawyered up and refused to give a statement to the cops. So, that means he has never officially told his side of the story except what he is telling bloggers. I thought Megan just stepped on glass??? I thought Megan shot herself??? I thought Kelsey did it??? I thought the gun is not his???



Tory never makes a statement, even with his lawyer present, to the cops that could clear his name??? Instead, he goes into hiding and sends out fake emails telling the media that Megan does not want to testify against him, all before she is even cooperating with the investigation. There is no one way innocent people act, but damn he is moving like a guilty mofo. Plus, it does not look good with the "defense" Holley is putting on.

Social media may be fooling Tory and Holley that they are really doing great at creating reasonable doubt. The doubt has to be "reasonable" when it comes to actual court.

*This is not full transcripts. Just parts I had thoughts on.


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